Antivirus is blocking the site now

Starting earlier this week (maybe 3/12 or so?), my avast antivirus started blocking this site. It is complaining about URL:Phishing content that it’s seeing. Now whether that is due to a recent update from Avast, or something that got posted to the ILGM forum server, I cannot say. I just wanted the mods / host folks to be aware. I am currently getting around it by temporarily disabling their “web shield”. Ping me if you want any additional details. Thanks!


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Yes been going on for me also.
I turn off the web shield for 10 minutes when I visit the forums and that works.

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Can you please advise?


Hi there, thanks for letting us know; I have passed this to my colleague, and it should be resolved at the start of next week.

@Riskguy - thanks for persisting on this.

@ILGM.Support - appreciate you looking at it. Will continue to test and let you know if the fix works! :smiley:

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Dear @Alien_Shore

As far we know Avast webshield is the only antivirussoftware that is blocking our site. We have send them a false positive report to solve this. They will review it within the next 48 business hours. Expect that they will update their detection database once the result of their technical analysis is ready.

In the meantime you can also whitelist our site domain in your Avast software. So you don’t have to turn off Avast Webshield and not taking the risk of being unprotected against unsafe sites.

How to do this? Please check this page: How do I stop Avast Antivirus from blocking your website and/or webforms? |

When we have received more information from Avast, we will keep you posted of course!
I’ll hope for your understanding. Have a nice day!


I can confirm this morning that I’m no longer getting the blocking action in Avast Webshield when I connect my browser to your server. Avast must have made their updates, I presume. Thanks for working with them to resolve this! :smiley:

Dear @Alien_Shore

Thanks for your update, appreciate it very much that you’ll take the time and effort to inform us.

I follow you in your assumption. At the moment I didn’t receive any update yet from Avast. I will monitor it closely. At least glad to hear that it looks like it’s solved.

Have a nice day and happy growing!

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I’m getting right in now also.

Hi @shadows

Good to hear you’re also able to visit our site without any problem.

Thanks all for your patience, feedback and support.
I’m glad to see that we can all focus on growing again!