Another Successful Flight

I don’t know the Exact date , but it couldn’t have been much more than 10 days to the US, to All at ILGM,
YOU GUYS ROCK , as always !!
Thanks again Fyshh Trap

Quick update, it was 11 days total, $49, delivered to my doorstep, and the fact that knowing I have an Army of help if I should ask, …Priceless


Ordered 2/23 arrived today :smiley:


I ordered 2/24 but I mailed money. They shipped today ! Can’t wait.


That’s about what it took for mine as well @FyshhTrap and I’ll be putting another order in very soon in a couple weeks
Getting ready for spring brother :grin::+1::v:
I sent cash too to about five day for them to receive payment @TxGrowman from NY


Nice @Ds401 what you working with ?
I grabbed the super silver haze myself


Sour D, purple haze, gold leaf and super silver haze


Awesome! May your bud be strong!


They will come

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It was 11 days for mine, by credit card and non registered, that was average time for the last 4 orders to NY,
Please remember to wait the 25 grace period before inquiring customer help, just Relax , they Will come.

They will come, be patient… I am in Florida, paid cash, non registered, only took 9 days to get to me though

I have had equal success with receipt of both registered and non registered delivery. They all arrived within about the same time frame. I sent cash and was so happy to receive them all well before the “25 business days” expectation set by ILGM policy. That being said I will likely forego the extra $25 for registered delivery next time around.

I won’t send it registered I have total faith in ILGM
Yes I did receive my order 10 buisness days after they received cash payment bro and cash took 5 days for them to receive from the time I mailed it and I did it around the holidays so the mail was even busier then normal
You’ll receive you seeds if you haven’t already
And if by some chance something happens the staff here will take care of you and you’ll eventually get your seeds

I have faith. just gun shy. I placed a order 200 dollars with another bank b4 I found ILGM only to be had. they wont reship and said it was for novelity purposes. the shipping info was and still is correct. wife is not well she is a medical mj card holder.$250 for the card and some places want $800 oz depending on the strain. The gold leaf and jack is just what this doc ordered, lol. should of went with autos seeing harvest is quick. also looking into hydro set ups thinking 600 watt with hydro for more yield and faster service. What do you suggest?

Hi @maximusindica We are just trying to help calm your fears a little bit. Let’s back up a little and take a look at what you’ve got going on.

How long ago did you place your order? And you received a confirmation email? What date was it that they said your order was shipped?

Answer that and we can see where your at!

AWESOME, what can be said other than “They Love Their Customers.” This kind of service makes them the best in the field, (and closets, basements, tents and so on)

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I am also a care giver for my wife and I am also growing for the same reasons you are.

We are like a big family here and some or all of us have been this path before so we are here to help you and help you understand whats going on.

While youre waiting for you seeds, swing through and read some posts, make some comments and say hello. You’d be surprised at the knowledge level of some of the folks on here!

I live in MA and it took 9 days from the time they shipped till the day they hit my mailbox. I didn’t do registered mail or anything but I’m sure they will be along soon!

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I grow for my wife as well she has a few issues that cannabis helps greatly
You guys rock…


Still haven’t received my order. When inquired about a tracking number I never received. Stacy gave me an old tracking number that was delivered to Colorado 3 days prior. I live in Florida and paid for registered shipping to my door via signature. Still cant get a straight answer for a legit tracking number for my order. I musta pissed in someones corn flakes.I never meant to offend anyone, if i did it was either misunderstood or unintentional. Maximusindica

Reply back to the email and tell her that. They run the business separate from the forums so while we can feel your pain, there really isn’t anything we can do to help you. You need to reply to that email she sent you and ask her again.

BTW The tracking numbers are re-used by the shipping companies. I would wait 24 hours and check it again just to make sure.

ILGM is a reputable company and they will take good care of you.

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I’m sure and ty. Just been a while. Not bitching at all or knocking ILGM @ all looking forward to doing more business learning what to expect in the future. Will post pics of my purple girls already knee high outdoors Florida.