Another male or could it be hermaphrodite?

So I swore this was female until today. It looked like buds were starting and had hairs but today I looked closer

Just seeing a male there.


Yeah I need my eyes checked or something you’re right.


Hey there. That not only look like a male, but a beautiful and pretty healthy too but be careful: too close to other females (if you have some) and it will impollinate them, and I don’t think u want that ahhaha

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Yes. I’m sorry when you start seeing bananas it’s time for them things it go. if you do not see white hairs it’s a male. Anything that looks like a cluster whatsoever. Those are full-blown balls

I have had them before outside growin. They are beautiful especially when your buds get little flowers on them. We know that they’re not good. Even really small a male looks like a regular bud from any other plant like a rose. When it is young you will see lines like a 3-D image females or like a teardrop

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