And now I found this

Guys just keep rolling today. I’m guessing I ph burned them.

@Familyman, damn bud. Flush and reset?

Gonna have to do that tomorrow too late at night now. Hopefully there’s some plant left by the morning.

Let me know in AM how she fared.

Will do my friend

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That is no burn. That is bugs! Inspections! Scope gloves n get on it


Looks like I’m not only night owl @PurpNGold74 :joy:.

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I gotta be at work at 6:30 n is 11:20. I do this too much :joy::joy::joy: need that berry bomb to blow

Prolly wake up wifey n blow on her a bit til i doze off :rofl::wink::rofl:

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Aphids I guess

They are wrecking the girls. Declare ww 3 n nuke the sonbishes


With??? I dusted with sulphur dust just now

Dunno bout that. But if u aint in flower ive heard neem oil n spinosad. Soap (non scented s diluted in water as well

@Familyman, Aphids?

After further research I think It may be spider mites

@Familyman, Spinosad Soap and Sevin Dust or DE?

Yeah. It’s 12 Am here so I guess they will feast tonight.

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Get some rest now, wage war tomorrow.

Are these spider mites?

My grow has kicked my ass today