Amnesia /superskunk first week flowering

Hi I’ve been reading this forum maybe a year and I finally decided to start a new topic. I have been growing about six years now mostly soil. Then my last two grows I been using a Ebb N Flow with 16 two gallon pots. I did my research and made sure l got everything I needed to make I can have a successful grow. my fist grow was whitewidow & Gold leaf wich came out pretty good .
My latest project is Amnesia haze & Superskunk.
I germinated the seeds in some rockwhool with plain water ph at 5.8. I had a 100% germination with a humidiy dome & a heating pad. Well anyways here’s some pics of my recent grow. If I can get some constructive criticism from you experienced hydro people I would greatly appreciate it . Thanx

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They look great :+1:

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Wow is all I can say. . .

Looking good, lotta plants!

Thanx for the complements. Any of you experienced hydro ?

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Me and @Donaldj are pretty experienced, definitely him more so than me! But what’s up, how can we help you @tapewormwilly?


Hey what’s up 2nd week of flowering and I ran in to some newbie problems. Before I start I would like to thank the awesome people that gave me some positive feed back on my little girls :smile: ok here I go, last weekend in the beginning of the first week of flowering my room temperature was at 86 degrees so I decided to turn off my heater later that week I started to notice the three of my amnesia haze were wilting on the left side in room #2 all my other plants looked fine so I check my ph I been keeping it at 6.2. I decided to check the roots on the plants that were wilting and as far as I can tell they look good. I also check the EC that also looked good. As the 2nd week kept progressing the row on the left side was getting worse. I could not figure out what was going on all the other plants seemed to be doing good. So when Thursday rolled around some of the water leaves were looking sad on some of my other plants. I started to think about the basic principles of growing cause I didn’t see any signs of root rot or bugs & far as know my ph, EC & rez temperature is good.
This morning I was hanging out with the girls while I was smoking a blunt & then it just hit me like a fart in the wind.first thing was I turned my heater back on and adjusted it to 75 degrees for the 12 off cycle cause it was getting too cold. Then I didn’t adjust the watering cycle to the day time on 12/12 my plants were still getting watered on the 18/6 cycle wich ment they were getting watered twice at the night cycle wich the temp was at 66° wich I’m pretty sure that was not good for them at all. Then I went to this great Web site that I subcribe to and did some research it turns out to much air blowing on the plants can burn them or make their leaves wilt or turn down.
I know I didn’t go in full details about my grow rooms that’s anthother topic but as you can see I already have plenty things to say so I figure I’ll save that for another time. We’ll any ways my rooms share the same enviroment
I have a 6in inline fan in room #1 that circulates air into room #2. An already long story short my Girls were going down hill for a number of reasons so I think?

  1. To cold during night cycle
  2. Feeding/watering during night cycle
  3. To much air pushing out of the vent on the left side
    To fix my last problem I used some pot head ingenuity lol… I duct tape a rag to the vent to reduce the air that destroyed my amnesia haze on the left side.
    Hopefully I figured out my dilemma. I would appreciate input from any of you that are pros at hydro. As I say would like to say “you can’t grow uless you you know”
    We’ll enough of the boring stuff here some pics. Of what I been up to.
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Amiesia left side
Changed the watering cycle to 12/on
Superskunk 2nd week

2nd week amnesia haze

Temperrary fix for wind burn

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Happy to hear from you. I just posted whats going on with my grow any advice would awesomely appreciated
Thanx. Time to go fishing :smile:

If my ph was 6.2 I’d bring it down to 5.8 which is the perfect level for Hydro systems. 6.2 is ok but 5.8 is better.

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Was my thought too ph is a bit high and you are quite right the constant airflow even in the cold maybe adding to the wilt likely because it’s chilling your roots on the one side. You don’t need a steady 75f during dark cycle the sun goes down temps drop that’s just natural.

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What ph do you recommend. The roots has grown down in the water inlet in the bottom of the pot could that be a problem to ?

If those are roots where your feed water goes through I’d say yes. I run a totally different system than you. I’m using a simple system and use a pond pump to feed the nutes. Once I backed off on the pump since there’s an adjustment to slow down the flow. I thought running a slower flow would be better. Nope, the feed tube became plugged with roots and stopped feeding causing stress. I used something to clean out the roots and turned the pump up to full. Never had that problem again. Here’s a picture of my setup.
5.8 is perfect for hydro systems.


Yeah I noticed your set when I got on your page nice I whish I would have built a system like yours instead of spending all that money on a EBB N Flow .
I’m sure the system I have will work out I’m just green :grin:
It’s Monday beautiful Monday time to get to the grind
Thanx for the pointers

More than likely that is the problem that’s going on with those plants on the right hand side of your area where you said the fan might be a problem the problem might be is if they’re not getting their fool fill and dump because the roots are clogging the lines… might be something to look at in the ones that are giving you problems… :wink:

Also you can give the roots a trim without hurting them too much , just don’t go too crazy…

:v: :sunglasses:

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