Amnesia Haze Outdoors, First Timer

First timer, Amnesia Haze Auto, outdoors on Long Island. Planted indoors mid -May, moved outside about mid- June. Seems to be doing pretty good so far, started flowering about 3 weeks ago. Assuming they need at least another 4-6 weeks. What’s everyone elses opinion on how they look, time frame till harvest, and is there anything else I should be doing?

Being first timer, didn’t want to train or top. Thanks in advance!


AH is my favorite plant from my garden last year. Very good stuff… your girl is looking good there!

Read about LST you will do it every grow after you learn.

My 2021 AH is the first one on the left in this pic. She was over 15 feet tall at harvest…

Happy gardening


Wow, I’m at 16" at best, but happy it’s budding. That’s a great looking plant you have there.

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Welcome @Wizkid
The close up buds look nice for a couple of weeks in to it. As @Derf02368 suggested, some LST early on may have been beneficial. 16" at that stage is not bad for an auto and I suspect there will still be some more stretching.

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@Wizkid Welcome into The Club!! I agree at least 6 wks, no pistols have changed plot yet. Looks good!!


Forgive my naivet, what exactly does plot mean, color?

@Wizkid Welcome to the neighborhood :grinning:
Looking good.


It means I’m too tarded to proof read. Meant ‘color yet’. Dang autocorrect. They’ll change to a burnt orange and recede back into the bud.


Ha, thanks for the update!