Am i seeing this right?

Hello everybody, im a total novice at this growing thing and a newbie here. Thanks for having me by the way, the posts here are very interesting to read. Anyway i have a 81 day old northern lights, grown from seed in soil outside in my greenhouse, i dont do lights or or care for ph testing etc

. Shes been a pleasure to watch grow all naturally with a few nutes added along the way, can i ask you seasoned growers what you think of the pics im showing, im thinking theres some magnesium required but what id like advice on is are these trichs cloudy to you? The pistules are all still white so im slightly confused.


Looks fine to me. You can expect those lower leaves to yellow and fall off as the plant matures. It is normal.

You’ll need to wait for the pistils on your flower to brown and recede before worrying about that the trichomes look like.

Here is a side by side of what you can expect. These pics were taken 6 weeks apart. Begin looking at trichomes when your flower is as mature as that in the 1st pic.


Looks a little early to harvest in my humble opinion. I don’t claim to be an expert. I would give her some time.

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Looks like i have a few weeks to go still then. How exciting.


So that first pic of your plant …with the yellowing from the bottom up …would be nitrogen deficiency
It just looks hungry in my opinion …
I would give it a bloom booster that contains a small amount of nitrogen.
As far as harvesting goes just be patient you want those flowers to bulk up and add mass so when you harvest it doesn’t dry out to quickly and be light airy buds …you also need to watch the trichomes but also compromise a little …my outdoor plants always look ready way before they really are because the sun turns trichomes amber faster than indoor lighting …so if it were me I’d have a loupe or a pen scope to examine those ,and allow like 20-25% amber before harvesting …it’s a balance you need to get good at because I’ve learned that it’s a combination of things that really determines readiness…not just one thing

Plant looks good and even if you do nothing you’ll harvest some buds you will be proud of and enjoy !!


3+ weeks in my opinion too


From the pics of full plant and the hedgehog, 10/9/22, I would say close to 6 weeks. Let her finish with a flourish and you won’t regret it.

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Should i put her in a bigger pot or is repotting not an option now

I wouldn’t repot at this time. Your into flower now so all your root and mass growth has subsided for you plant to produce flower.
Concentrate on cleaning up the bottom of your plant and yes, feed her some calcium magnesium. If your doing the organic way I’ve seen other growers suggest this treat.
Down to Earth Organic Prilled Dolomite Lime, 5 lb

When it comes time to flower I’d be giving her some potassium. You can use some wood ash or process banana peels by drying and pulverizing then add to your soil.

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Yes, wait until she starts looking like this. Just chopped her. So yummy. :drooling_face:


Hi, what do you mean by cleaning up the bottom?

visual for cleaning the undercarriage

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Hi @Miniman looking healthy. I would pluck the yellow leaves :maple_leaf:. Maybe lollipop the bottom branches to concentrate bud growth at the tips.
You have a limited time left for flower so clearing up areas for better light penetration at this stage.

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Here’s a video I found on care for your plants from an old shooter.

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So, ive done some trimming. Ok or not in your guys view, im apprehensive about chopping off the lower branches as they have buds on them. Ive also learnt about “topping” a little too late obviously

Rot set in unnoticed, most binned with a little salvaged. Thats the end of that then. :frowning:

Sorry to hear. This year seems to be a bad year for many outdoor grows. Better luck next time

Beautiful close up @JayDawg very tasty looking bud.

You did an awesome job trimming, a side by side picture before and after, totally changed her sex appeal.

Update, so the little i salvaged i dried for two weeks on a rack in my shed thenet cure indoors for a week, and man, i tell you now this is some sweet smoke. I couldnt believe the rhe old school buzz of this stuff. So all was not lost and a little patience seems to have paid off. Thanks for all the help from everyone who commented.
Oh, i have another strange little friend nearly ready too. Pics soon.