Am I running out of time?

Hi Guys, getting a bit nervous here. My plants looks great. I’m 3 days into the final flush. So no more nutrients. But the Trichomes don’t look cloudy and certainly don’t look tanned. When I have finished the flush, do I continue giving a water every day until I get tanned trichomes?

Why the final flush when their not ready?


Wait to see the amber trichs THEN flush.

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Oh Shit! I was on the General Hydroponics Schedule and it was just time for the flush. I didn’t realise I needed to keep going. Any idea what I should do?

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Kick it back in gear, give her gas & she’ll take off. Those charts are a kinda thing, just like the time for flowering they give in the discription of plants from seed company’s. The plant will be the one to tell you when it’s time everything else is a guesstamate.


Thanks @pillsbury. So the week before the Week 12 Flush was the Week 11 Ripen. You suggest I just go back on the ‘Ripen’ weeks nutrients until I see amber trichomes?

Without being there I hate to give a time line of where your plant is Are you in week twelve of flower? & how did you count the weeks? Like from flip? Or from when the plant actually flowered? Are they photo’s or auto’s? Are you in dirt or soilless or hydro? Lots of veriables to think of. If the tric’s are still clear I’d probably back off to the last week (at least) before the Ripen week (dry Koolbloom week). Pictures always help & there’s a form everyone on here likes to see to help in solving problems this is it
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If you re not even seeing amber on sugar leaves then they’re not even close luckily you cleared out the salt so you’ll probably get even better growth with nutes

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Like @GreenSnek is saying about looking at the tric’s make sure your looking at the bud itself for confomation of ripeness. Sugar leaves will show clear, cloudy, amber sooner than the buds & the buds is where you can tell when it’s ready.

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Here’s a better explanation I just saw from @BobbyDigital

Early trichs will turn cloudy. Then there will be calyx that stack on top of those and the trichs start out clear then turn cloudy and then calyx that stack on top of those…it’s a process that continues throughout the grow. Once the pistils are mostly receded, it’s a tell tale sign that the calyx are done building. Then you check those trichs for ripeness. When the very outer calyx trichs have turned cloudy, all the stuff buried beneath is already there so she’s ready to harvest.

So yes, you will see cloudy trichs early on but they will be buried by new bud structure as the bud continues to form. All the new and old trichs do not turn at the same time.

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Do you have pictures of the plants?

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I’ll try put some up. I just don’t have anything for the close ups.