Alternatives to smoking

Looking for a Dry vape or other alternatives to smoking and edibles does anyone have any experience with the portable dry herb Vapes I’m looking for some advice on where to get one some recommendations on them. I don’t smoke and I don’t really like the Edibles because it takes too long for the effects to kick in by the time I normally feel it it’s bedtime. And I don’t like to smoke because I hate the smell it makes me paranoid thinking someone’s going to smell me I just need some advice or alternative methods

I love my Boundless CFX, especially as it does not only herb but also comes with little pots for wax/oil and has a decent sized bowl and battery life.

I feel the same way about my pax 3. It was pretty over priced when I bought it, but it’s pretty nice for dry, decent for concentrates.

I have a loose leaf vape that runs on 18650 batteries. It’s the “Alternate” by Vivant. I love it.

Vape Boundless CFV 2018 model. I purchased very cheap and 6 months and working well. But this my first one. Healthy, not that kind of smell when burning.

I have and use a dry vape, but I think you get a different mix of psychoactive substances versus smoking. I have vaped and smoked the same strain, and it certainly feels different.


I agree. It’s a different high, for sure. I’ve attempted to describe it as not as “in your face” of a high. More noticeable body high, for me, vaping. Maybe that’s just because the head high isn’t as good. :thinking:

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Someone told me that you don’t plateau when vaping cannabis unlike smoking. You get higher each time. He likened it to edibles.

That’s it exactly. You can puff on the vape several times and not get the intense high of a couple of good tokes.

I appreciate you guys input and responses I had no idea those things would be that expensive that blows my mind. I started a tincture with some Girl Scout cookies a couple days ago and I can’t wait to see how that goes

Where are you? I ask because you can get a reconditioned Mighty with a US power supply for a third of the usual price on AliE. That’s where I got my G-Pen Elite for under €40…

I’m in the US thanks for all the information guys

If you see a good deal on a Pax, it’s fake!


Oooh just found this. Is this still ur vape of choice?

Yes; going out of town tomorrow and it’s going with me.

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@Myfriendis410 Great!! Thanks for replying! Have an awesome trip!! :v::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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