Altered dark period

so, I’m growing amnesia haze indoor and my buddy is growing it outside. he is well into budding but our daylight hours are currently 13 hrs with only an 11 hr dark period. so, can I use a 13/11 schedule? how would this affect it I wonder??

I wouldn’t risk it @oldpro not worth the chance ya know. Stay with what you know works. Simplest of these is the key :key:.


I dont think it works like that indoor, the environment and condition and light spectrum is much different…


Why do you want to go 13/11? Just because your buddy is? How far along are your ladies?

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@oldpro this depends on your lighting schedule now. Any lighting less than what it’s getting now, may induce flowering. Assuming it’s ready to flower, you could give it a try, and it probably would work just fine.

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I’m confused here. If your girls are ready to go into flower why not go 12/12? What hours are you using now? Started with 18/6 during veg then went to 12/12.

During veg I’m on a 14/10 light schedule then when I’m ready for flower I switched to 12 on 12 off for the first two weeks I’m on 18-6 schedule then two weeks I drop to 16/8 then 14-10 till I’m ready for flower then 12/12 and I’ve even dropped that to 10/14 the last 3 weeks before harvest ( I use leds) but what you are asking really depends on what your current light schedule is on now


I’m on a standard 12/12. I was just simply stating that this strain will bud with only 11 hours of dark daily. so, would that extra hour of light be beneficial?