All autoflower plants turning extreme yellow during flowering?

I appreciate all the replies and advice. Thank you!

The plants already have a ton of green back after just one feeding. They certainly are resilient. Thank you all again as it seems like this grow can be salvaged. I’m wondering…should I expect a lower harvest or decreased potency due to this period of unhealthy plants?

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I know this OH too Well Planted two in 5 gal. fabric pots in July 12th Popped right up . Mine are still veggie since early Sept. My lights are not strong enough. So I have chopped them down to bare bones to help focus enegry maybe they will decide to flower. Any thoughts 13/11 lights seem to be ok. Autoflower they are

When did you kick in the CAL?MAG ? Was it from Esopom salts I believe my older plants need this but I have been cautious about adding it but I know the Fox Farm Feeding stuff doesn’t have that in them? I use Fox Farm for all my needs Thanks you Fox farm for my free stuff now…HAHA But yes Does it help these girls grow?

I start adding Cal/Mag about a month after plants were started and use it until harvest. Once a week during veg, And every other watering during flower, Keeps the girls from eating them self during flower. It’s good for them and have not experience showing over feeding it to them. I use Cal/Mag + the plus is iron, get it at Lowes.


FF nutes carry a lot of salts in them, as well as the soil. It’s recommended to flush once or twice. Once during veg. Once mid flower. This way nutrient lockout is prevented. When this is done, follow with a full feeding.

Calmag has nitrogen in it, which is a mobile nutrient and carries other vital nutrients, like potassium and phosphorus, where they need to go. FF flower nutes don’t have a ton in it, so it is highly recommended to give a dose of calmag at least every other watering, between feedings. If your fan leaves start yellowing early, from the bottom up, this is usually a nitrogen deficiency.

Can you help with plants I have not sure how there doing.

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With FF soil, you have about 5 weeks before needing to feed. Then you go at about ½ strength to see how they do and adjust from there with the feeding.

The flower nutes also don’t carry a lot of nitrogen so calmag is highly recommended with every watering between feed. The brown spots look like phosphorus deficiency and the yellowing is most likely nitrogen, which is in calmag.

If you’re only feeding ¼, bump it up to ¾ on next, then full strength until final flush before harvest.

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welcome @Max97218
If you can upload pictures it will help to see any problems.
What question do you have?

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I can absolutely try, and if not, I’ll happily tag some who may be able to. Some pics and a little explanation as to what is going on will help bunches.

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I am a gg4 grower. Cloning 1 beans plant for 2 years. I see gg go both ways. Super green…lotsa color. Ill show pics of some. P/K!! I think your light. Flower fuel at 2/34/32 works great. Gg is VERY sticky and use much more p/k than most my auto. Just comfy when anyone spits out the name GG.! Trim party saturday Saturday for the trainwreck and scrog. Thank goodness. Put 8 clones in to flip but missed window by a week or so. My bad. Got real tight. 4x8. Will be perfect again after harvest. Going all 8 straight up like the beautiful girl in pics. Gg trains well but…the straight up grow slight spread and topped produces the fattest stickiest nugs for me. Had to break out the qboards since i went 2 20gal…1 10gal and 8 3 gallon during this experiment. Back to my big lights after harvest. So many heights i put a 100watt board on each plant…4 on the scrog.16366285493764869458830276029374|375x500

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Also wanted to mention 8 weeks is not enough flower time. Ignore what they say from the seedbank. 12 weeks to 13 is where i seem to sit. Sometimes 11…clones go faster. But 8 or 9 weeks never ready for me.

Although nutrient or environmental factors are the most common causes of cannabis leaves turning yellow, there are numerous other possibilities. To find a quick solution, I recommend reading our article on why your leaves are turning yellow.