Airpots vs regular? I had to experiment

Hello hello!
So like many of you I’ve been curious about airpots. They look kinda cool. Maybe they’re better yea? Well. According to my experiment. Yea. Yea they are.

I grew two gorilla glue autos. Both in 13 litre pots. One airpot. One regular plastic pot.

These are both plants at five weeks old just beginning to flower. The airpot is almost a full 12 inches taller, although the regular pot seems to have grown a little more bushy with bigger leaves.

There are considerably more bud sites on the plant in the airpot. I suppose the concept of the airpot is to not get rootbound allowing the plant to grow taller, which it did.

So here they are. Side by side.

What do you guys think? I’m excited to see the net difference at harvest. Both plants are happy and healthy but the airpot version at this rate is def gonna produce more flower.


Could just be two different phenotypes.


Exactly what I was going to say. If you took 20 clones and ran ten with airpots and ten with conventional pots it would be more meaningful.


I’m using pots myself - but had wondered at the benefits of bags or airpots to the grow. I do agree that to be sure you would need to be running a quantity of clones though.
Food for thought…

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I started growing using 5 gal buckets from HD as grow pots and they did a good job, I thought. Then it was suggested to drill a dozen or so holes in the buckets surrounding the bottom near root growth. This was suggested to allow the holes to provide oxygen to the roots. Then I purchased some 5 gal fabric pots, rumored to provide more efficient air penetration. My overall experience with each showed improvement in growth each upgrade. I am now sold on fabric pots for that reason and they make it easier to manage excess water retention. A regular watering routine is much more manageable with fabric pots IMO.