Airdome inside smart pot

does it work to run with the airdome inside smart pot when i grow in the autopot? or because I use smartpot does airdome make no use?

Check here maybe

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Never used a smart pot but if I recall, those are the ones with air holes all around and up and down the pot??

Regardless, I do not see why an autopot airdome would not work in a smartpot. Some growers think the added air does remarkable things, others have done comparisons with and without the airdomes and feel they add no benefit… Just like most things growing that you see online, a million different opinions. I say go for it, it certainly isn’t going to hurt anything in my opinion. I use the airdomes in my autopots every time.

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Yes i will do the airdome in smartpot.
Were can i buy the pot socks look like a mosscito nett white whid straps?
And do i use hydro nutriens in autopot?

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Is this what we are talking about? @Bubbelkush

If so, pot sock’s are avail from autopots.usa but I can’t post the link here.

Again, if this is what you are growing in, yes, hydro nutes

But this does not describe pot sock as i know it

Or is this more like what you are growing in??


Very yes that is what i gona buy smartpotautoxl.
But were is the link to pot socks? Do you Think they shipping wordwide?
One more in Europé whant.