AirCube ebb and flow

Does anyone in this forum use the AirCube ebb and flow?
I just ordered one, set it up, and it all seems to work, except getting water to the actual buckets. It pumps from the reservoir to the 7 gallon brain controller bucket, then stops, doesn’t flow to the buckets.
What makes it flow into the individual buckets? It has a pump to get the water from the reservoir and a pump labeled drain, which I assume empties the individual buckets. I have mine outside the tent, which it has to rise about 8” to get inside the tent, so I need to elevate the brain controller bucket for it is gravity fed.

Make sure the lines are primed with fluid. Like bleeding brake lines. If they are loaded w air it will vapor lock and make back pressure. Also the lines lay flatter without secondary or tertiary twist from coiling during packaging. When weighted by the liquid.

I don’t run that system, but that happens all the time with lines I use dosing gravity fed calcium reactors in aquariums….

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I raised the brain controller up 4”, and gravity fed the buckets, then set it on drain, it didn’t drain, so I lowered the unit back down on the deck, and it started draining. I will see if it refills when the timer hits, thinking maybe all lines had air, so I had to get it out, or at least most of it, will seem
Thank you

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