Air Sponge Filter Biological Aquarium Water filter?

Came across these whilst web surfing for various bits and pieces.

So the question is, could these be useful or perhaps harmful if they actually stripped out nutrients?

Anyone experimented with these?

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What are we looking at? Is it some kind of in-tank filter?

Yes, it sticks to the inside of the tank powered by an air intake which causes the water to be sucked into the sponges/filters, aerated and then output through the top outlet just above the surface level.

Did a quick search on the subject.

They’ll remove larger debris but not necessarily the nutrients. They actually allow for beneficial bacteria for the fish.

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Interesting, thanks for the research, maybe I’ll try one next grow. My thinking is it should keep the nutrient clear of any dead root matter, dust or any other such contaminates, whilst adding more oxygen.

I believe they could be useful if you wanted to filter ur water goin back into ur reservoir and the only way it would strip the nutrients out of the water would be if u were using a charcoal bag coz that would strip nutes and chlorine out of the water

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