Air Pump Head End

@Donaldj I am looking to see if I run a 3/8 to 1/4 line 25ft from an air pump EcoPlus Commercial Air 7 - 200 Watts Single Outlet would do it?

I got a grow room on the 2nd floor I would like to put an air pump down to tee basement It’s about 25 feet to the grow room.
Would there be good head end on the air to go that fair?

pressure is pressure it only factors if you don’t have check valves then if pump was off the water in lines would have the advantage I suspect it would work just fine

Thank you, Only gave thought to what was going up,

Check Valve, Would be a good idea to stop that. (the water getting the

Run it in a pvc run kinda like running water, just air. A company I owned we ran air for the whole shop through pvc and only 2 air compressors. The pipe keeps pressure and attach small fittings for in and out.