Ahhh what’s wrong with the leaves 🍃

This was fine last week…thoughts? I’ve never grown my own so not sure what I’m doing🥴

You might have some nute burn.

I don’t add anything to it, just water-I’m using the soil from a pot for pot

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Pot look like it filling up a pot up @Swesle04 might be in the making what size is ur pot? And how tall is your plant? Tag @Covertgrower @dbrn32 hard to see from pic but might be nute burn. U will get good advice from them

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Ah ok.

You might have a potassium deficiency.

@Swesle04 looks to be possibly out growing its pot. Also what are you using for lights? Do you or have you checked your water ph, if you are just watering it?

Looks like it’s natural die off from lack of light being on the bottom.