After Sledgehammer Flush - PH still low

Hoping I can get some words of wisdom here regarding my current situation. I did a flush of my plants using Sledgehammer due to a nutrient lock up using FF Trio, causing high PPM and low PH. I flushed with higher ph water (6.8ph) and after flushing had PPMs at about 600, and run off Ph was still 6.15 - 6.35 depending on plant. I move forward to do the first feed last night after flush, and used a higher PH water of 7.0 to increase the runoff along with 1/2 dose of recommended FF trio.

The results were about 700-800 on the PPMs although the runoff was low still. One plant was 5.9 ph and the others were 6.15 to 6.25.

I assume my next watering only in 3 days should once again use a higher ph water like 7 ? Be interested in any suggestions

You’ll have to flush down to 300 to 400 PPM runoff to correct pH.

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Flush again :frowning: ,

no way of upping the PH on next watering ? I typically water my 5 gallon pots with 1 gallon every 3-4 day, when I flushed with Sledgehammer I put twice the water through the plants then FF recommended… 4 gallons .

Since PPMs are down to around 700 at runoff after feeding, you say that I will not be able to increase the PH by just adding high PH water (2 gallons at next watering ?

At next watering can I flush again with sledgehammer with 2 gallons of 7.0 ph’d water on my watering on Sat?

Not enough, youd have to use enough to flush out the imbalance of nutes. By then youd be closer to 300 ppm, a real flush, as described. 4 gallons wasnt enough to flush my 2gallon soil pot.

Appreciate the info, this is where my problem lies,

  • I have been using purchased spring water for my entire grow, with a ppM of about 50. if I need to put 5-10 galling thru each plant, this become crazy with purchased bottle water.

  • My home well water has a TDS reading of about 600-750 ppM, thus my reason for using spring water…. Is it ok to flush with this tap water?? Logically my PPMs would never get below 600 :frowning: leaving me with A never ending issue

Getting somewhat discouraged on this first grow, and not knowing what direction to go.

Reminder , current PH runoff 5.98 - 6.25 depending on plant, and current runoff ppM 500-800 depending on plant after first feeding post sledgehammer

Any recommended options would be greatly appreciated

A cheap Brita filter tested it pretty good below 20ppm when new.
But in one month is was back up to tap water levels, they advertise 3 months so test regularly.
Its not far off. I dont know that flushing is necessary now maybe just feeding full strength1000ppm pH around 7 if the plants not very sick

An update on lockout deficiency issues… below is reminder of my setup

Media - soil FF Ocean forest
2x4 indoor grow tent
250 watt Viperspectra LED
Fabric pots - 5 gal
Originally spring water, changed
this week to RO water.
Indica plants
Fox Farms Trio nutrients, Cal Mag, recharge
Carbon exhaust and clip on fans
Plants in 8th week of veg
Watering/feed at about 1.25 gal per plant

Ran 6 weeks veg without flush and PPMs in runoff got as high as 2000 ppM, Leafs started to yellow with green veins and then brown spots.

After flush with sledgehammer, ppM down to 550- 700. Did a feeding at next watering and PPMs up to 700-900 runoff after feeding. Did a watering with calmag and fish shit 3 days later and PPMs at 900-1200

Did a slurry soil ph test per Fox farms recommendations and the slurry ph was 6.4

Could a problem be that I am letting the plants dry out too much and that could be why ph and PPMs are high?

I want to put these into flower, but concerned with the plant health since multiple of my 6 plants have lime color leaves….

Interesting that the leaves inside the plant are dark green without the light green or yellowing problem.

Any help would be appreciated.