After a it okay to reuse soil

I wrote a post awhile back about plants that had hermied: Female plants produced seeds - #19 by rosallie

Unfortunately, those seeds were ones I ordered from a different company, I should have known better because Pacific Seed Bank has such horrible reviews and my experience has been every bit as bad as everyone elses I read about. At any rate, I ordered from there because they sell in 3 seed quantities without raping on price for smaller amounts and since I’m a small grower and I clone, I have no use for 10 seeds at a time. When I wrote the last post, two plants had hermied…figured it was a light issue so the next grow was in separate tents. Same two kinds hermied…again plus, one of a different variety hermied in a different tent where I was growing 2 different kinds but only the one in the tent hermied. I have to say that now I am totally confused. 3 kinds out of 5 have now hermied on me…I have never had this happen to me before…I grow back to back grows of 4 plants at a time for about 6 years…lost track.

I am just now getting around to planting a couple of seeds from the hermied plants to see what they do but I am wondering and this may sound stupid but: When you have hermies, when you clean the tent good as you normally do between grows, do you need to get rid of the soil too? I tend to reuse the soil once or twice before throwing it in the outside veggie garden. Thanks.

You can reuse the soil, may need to feed a bit sooner, as some nutrients were used, but I feel it’s a non issue if you anticipate feeding. Water will make any pollen unusable in the soil. So you should be fine.