Afghan strain very light green

growing several strains but my afghan is very pale green compared to the rest? indoor set up with promix- I did up the nitrogen ( grow part of the trio) for her- just seems to be pale in color but healthy ish-
anything else i can do to help her? they all are getting GH 3part plus cal mag and a couple additives seems the afghan and possibly the blue dream are lighter in color - mostly afghan though wondering if the full indica that causes this? I don’t want to up the N too much if this is just the strains appearance

let me change this to fan leaves now yellowing - not healthy looking on the yellow leaves- tops are a “normalish” green - stuck on this one?

Afghan is usually a brighter strain, if you could upload pictures it would be of more help.

Seems a general rule of thumb - if it’s top of the plant it can be iron, mag or cal. Bottom of plant generally N. However, before going through the hassle of adding or subtracting nutes (and possibly ruining your crop) check pH run off. It might be a simple lock out. Certain mediums/nutes will raise or lower the pH of the soil even when your H2O is 6.0pH. Always check pH. Always.


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Correction, middle of the plant yellowing is phosphorus, and upper yellowing is sulfur and iron

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ph of run off was 6.1 - wondering if i should up the bloom part at his point they have been in veg for about 7 weeks so i should be moving more toward bloom transition anyway - Ill take some pics

Probably, they’ll be uptaking more nutrients when they get bigger

Majik is correct. Iron n sulfer. My apologies - rushing. lol.

The run off sounds right. Hmm…:thinking:.

@majicmarkers @Majiktoker

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temp is good lights are good and ph seems good air flow is good- i guess its possible for some reason the roots are not healthy ? I only water about once a week still seems ok - something I’ve noticed is because i bought fem seeds i planted my seeding directly into the large pot to cut down on root stress in transplanting- I found in doing this that it seemed wasteful and excessive to water that big pot for a seedling and it of course took much longer for uptake - Im feeling that the roots were in water too long between drying and I’m just wondering how these roots are doing at his point- it does seem to affect the afghan and blue dream more than the others I’m thinking of going back to the 2 transplant system so i can get a peek at and have more control over the root development as the plant progresses ? thoughts on this?

My Afghan is even lighter in colour than yours,

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your leaves seem much skinnier ( like a sativa more than indica) its beautiful but are your sure its Afghan?

That’s what was written on the ag still have a few seeds left of them.

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its growing well your doing a great job with it xo

One of many different strains I have going ATM.

If increase your 2nd and 3rd part, to me that looks to be semi from nitrogen and from cal mag id let this feeding luck id see how they react if they dont react to it, increase it again also if you increase it again get them some molybdenum that could be a problem as well they are pretty good sized @gpitel


@Majiktoker [quote=“Majiktoker, post:15, topic:8355”]
molybdenum that could be a problem as well

what is this?

Molybdenum is essential to plant growth as a component of the enzymes nitrate reductase and nitrogenase. Legumes need more molybdenum than other crops, such as grass or corn, because the symbiotic bacteria living in the root nodules of legumes require molybdenum for the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.


uh… huh? so how do i increase this ? lol


Lol confused a little sorry :smile: most flower foods have it and some veg foods should have it


I have had problems not using FF. FF soil and nutrients, cloth pots , and ILGM Afghan seeds gave me this. Two weeks into flower eleven weeks old. All my plants are going nuts and I ran out of room. She is in a 7 gal cloth pot.The flushing with sledgehammer every few weeks helps also. I think she is too bushy. Before I had problems.

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