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So running a ac infinity t4 with x2 sf 1000s in a 3x3 any a advice 4 blu ch autos


My first observation is to budget for more light by the time plants start to flower. Those two lights are enough to veg 4 plants but inadequate to produce a big yield.

So we’re talking like two more sf 1000s or a sf 4000 at a minimum then?

Get a stand or a table. Easier on your back. At least move the plants off the floor. A circulating fan will help immensely. When the plants are larger and you decide to transplant, try fabric pots. Great for root development.

Welcome and happy growing…


Thank you I’m in the process of getting two clip fans one for the top one on bottom and have five gallon fabric pots on standby going with a ffof on bottom mix of ffhf an ffof in middle and ffhf on top

#1 get a Bluetooth humidity and temperature monitor that can track things in a 24/7 graph.
Goove makes them on amazon Awsome little units.

This will let you know if you need to make adjustments to your environment via your controller.

#2 transplant into 5 gallon or 3 gallon fabric pots filled with coco/perlite and stay away from soil, you’ll need nutrients and silica so Jack’s 321 is your best option.

#3 print off this VPD chart and safety pin it to your grow tent door or save it to your phone, follow it.
Uploading: Leaf-Vapor-Pressure-Deficit-VPD-1.jpg…

#4 yes, you need 2 more of those lights basically for 4 plants, about 100-130w per plant of good led.

#5 get a autopot springpot 4 plant system asap, or you’ll be lugging around and messing with run off your entire grow life. Autopots save so much time and work be you in soil or CoCo.