Advice on trimming during flowering

And that’s week 7


Here’s a quick update I have a little bit of a concern of yellowing on my main fan leaves fourth week of flowering autoflowering White widow. Is it anything to be alarmed of I had to cut one fan that was brown and curling off already. Or should I say brownish. One more question will my plant become a single cola plant eventually? And what’s the typical flowering harvest period for White widow autoflower. To be honest my plant was growing slow at the beginning until I gave it its first feed and then it kind of took off like it was on steroids or something. Thanks again foop for not killing my plants! :sweat_smile:


Your good the plant has taken what it needs from the yellowing leaves once they start to sag just pluck them off but not till the plant consumes all of the leaf that poor girl aint got much to offer itself but buds look like you almost there anyway good job keeping her alive

Aloha beardless,
Can you please take a look at my mango Kush. She is in week two of flower. The branches shot up on me a good 4 inches after I switched the light cycle to 12/12 for flower. I expected the plant to stay about the same height. It is getting a little large for my tent. I am trying to train the stalks, but I’m afraid it will keep growing and I will have to trim later once there is more bud on the plant. Should I trim now or hope it puts most of her energy into bud from here on out instead of growing taller? Mahalo.