Advice needed...think I'm going to have a space problem

Think I am going to have a space problem. I started ten seeds (3 Girl Scout Cookie, 3 Raspberry Cough, 2 Wonder Woman and 2 Pur Power Plant)4, thinking not all would survive. My tent is 48x24x60, with 2 LED 600w lamps and ventilation w carbon filter above/outside the tent. Plants were started 10/26/18, transplanted to 3 gal grow bags. Now it’s week 6, I believe it’s ready to switch to 12/12 . Should I get second tent? Can I switch to one lamp in each tent?

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How tall are they?

Seven or eight inches, most with seven levels of leaf growth

Throw a net over them and flip your lights to 12/12… they will go crazy and just keep tying them down to the net as they grow… that’s your best bet… :wink:



You will have a lack of lighting with one light which will make fluffy buds instead of heavy ones, but they will double in size during flower time which again will give you lighting issues with them all in one tent they will fight for the light an some will suffer on bud size an density

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Like @peachfuzz said scrog them👍


I am willing to get second tent growing if that will make my yield better? So if I do, better to get two similar lights. Can the same vent system run both? Right now it’s on low but it’s rated 203?

What’s the best source to learn this Scrog process?

@hillcrest21678 an @Grandaddy013 right off the top of my head…an on the filter thing might need to tie another fan but i don’t use one so @peachfuzz what’s your thoughts

I can tag you in my first scrog an you can see a weekly update to what i am doin…but it’s my first scrog also

All tags will be much appreciated.

I use hps lighting in xxxl hoods with a 8inch 1000 cfm extraction fan that pulls the air through my 3 hoods and brings freash air into the room… I have never seen anybody with my air transfer set up… I also use co2 generator capabilities… not a typical set up… :wink:

I dont see why you couldn’t run both tents in series to ventilate… :wink:


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Thats a serious set up makes mine seem like childs play🤣

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Are you tagged into my thread?
I’ll tag you if you want… I’ll be adding updates tonight or tomorrow…

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No I’m not an please do

Are you running in the growoff @peachfuzz?

Dont want to clog up this thread but… not sure I can… landlord wants to sell the place, but he wants way more then its worth… probably just going to move… too bad , but it is what it is…it always seems like life is a bumpy road for me , but it is what it is… what dont kill me only makes me stronger and smarter… :wink:


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Sorry, my 87 year old neighbor needed help. Thank you both for you advice. I will order the second tent and get it set up. And educate myself on scrog. As for bumps in life… like to think the trials are character building. Chin up and good luck.

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Get a new 4x4x7 tent. Starting that many means expand or cull. Hard to do if you really put your heart in it.

Might clarify what you mean buddy putting heart in it nothing is hard to do people can do 50 plants as long as they have the want an will power…an space of course