Advice needed on Nutrients from sprout to harvest

I will be starting my 4th grow soon. I need advice on nutrients. Soil grow, indoor. Looking at advanced nutrients. Any recommendations on what to use from sprout to harvest?

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read this, it worked WONDERS for me :star_struck:


i’ve had great luck with advanced nutrients


Name brand nutes are safe, productive and beneficial.

Start at 20% of suggested feeding schedule…adjust as needed.

Learn to read your leaves…very important.


I used Advance for years and loved their products’ but now I use my own soil and I make my own soil and don’t use nutrients anymore with better results.
But ya as far as I am concerned there the best. P H Perfect

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what is ‘m’ please ?.. as in : but now I use my own and make my own soil

Sorry about that. That was a TYPE O big time … lol

I used ph perfect, big bud and bud candy when my last girls went into flower but they died 4 weeks in. What do you recommend from sprout to harvest

They could have died from any number of things.
Like I said, I used P H Perfect from Advance and never had a problem. Just follow the instructions on the bottle and maybe start off at half a dose to see how the plants react

thanks for replying, I thought ‘m’ was a magic ingredient ! :laughing:

my next auto kush/afghani grow is with my home-made compost @ 6.5pH plus sunshine only.and water and I would really appreciate any advice using home made compost only. :seedling:

QUESTION… what bdo your pots sit in? If the pots are not raised and sit in the runoff water that is your problem. They would be taking back up the salts and nutes and burning or such

my pots are always raised about an inch from any runoff :man_farmer:

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