Advanced Nutrients PPM/EC

All, just thought I’d share. I’ve recently been converted to using Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect made nutrients along with a few of the additional products (micro, grow, bloom, voodoo, big buds, bud candy, and B52 ( thanks to the recommendation by @Lostgirl ).

I’ve been attempting to create an excel tool to calculate the total ppm’s of my feeding but every time I think I have the ppm of the individual products it’s proven to been inconsistent. I thought my ppm/ex pen was bad and replaced it. Same results.

Example: I calculated 400ppm, actual 300…. I tested the ppm of each product in 1 gal of water but combined it just never really added up to what I calculated. So, I emailed them this week inquiring into the ppm of each of their products. Below you will find their response. Thought perhaps others can benefit from the response. I like to math. The math is broken :open_mouth:. That said, the past two runs I was within 20% accuracy……

Thank you for your email.

Please note in regards to PPM / EC measurements: When using our pH perfect line of nutrients there tend to be many other components besides dissolved fertilizer in the water. (eg. pH buffers, humic and fulvic acid, amino acids etc…)

Because of this an electrical conductivity (EC, TDS, PPM) reading can be difficult for the grower to properly ascertain and should not be relied upon as a measuring metric.

Instead of reading the PPM/EC we recommend following our nutrient calculator, starting off at 1/4 strength of your base nutrient for small clones and seedlings, gradually working your way to full strength as the plant matures over a period of 3-4 weeks. Which can be seen at Downloadable Feeding Charts by Advanced Nutrients

If you encounter any issues throughout the grow feel free to reach out to us at the time.


Advanced Nutrients Grower Support Team

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I call Bull :poop:. Their nutrition calculator guide is exactly what it says it is a guide. Follow their guide and use two times the nutrients that the plant really needs so you can come back real quick and buy more.

I know you’re approach to the Excel calculator would have been great had your results been consistent. But doing the one mil per gallon has definitely opened your eyes on how much to feed your plants. That’s a success!

I love advanced Nutrients. I believe they far supersede anything on the market. but they’re only in this for the money at the end of the day like any other nutrient manufacturer. Use less you buy less. Use more you buy more. And you can’t blame them for the direction they go

Within the next 30 days your plants are going to reach their maximum feed level whatever that may be. When you hit your target run off your feed will dictates that Target number then you’ll have ** you’re golden feed number**


How so?

PH perfect, NPK values are dead on, end results of grow are above average, feeding requirements are 50% less, the only nutrient company that creates their own microbial life, 18 hour a day technical support with a live person for newbies. I can keep going but my hands are tired

Yup several companies fall into that category, have you tried them all? Not trying to pick a fight, but your assertion was pretty strong.

Not saying you’re wrong…it’s why i asked. I"m gonna try advanced next time i think.

I’d like to take this time to apologize for offering my opinion. I thought we were entitled to that here. I wasn’t looking for a debate.


I was genuinely asking you your opinion via “how so”

you seemed to take offense to my asking that and decided to tell me your fingers were tired?

Sorry i asked.

I’m sorry. I’m a little bich today. I apologize for snapping it was uncalled for. I’m truly not an asshole.

When you get bored one day and you have time to try them you won’t be sorry that you did. Since switching to advance my yields went from 1 to 3 zips per Auto to 5 to 22 zips on autoflowers using 50% less I’ve never fed over 500 PPM

All the reputable huge growers like cookies ect there’s nothing but advance products in their commercial grows. To be honest I’m surprised everybody’s not using it

Once more I apologize for being a :poop: head.

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No worries, I’m gonna try advanced next run i think. I’ve heard good things and this is more good things!

I’m sure you remember @Cap_Ron. About a year ago he did a side-by-side comparison with advanced Nutrients and I think it was either Jack’s or Fox farm I can’t remember. Advanced plants far exceeded in production.

It was basically the way that he documented it that really pointed out different scenarios.

Like I said, you try it you won’t regret it.

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For what it’s worth, I notice a difference since using AN in just the past couple weeks. And my PH has been good :grinning:

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Hey Advanced Nutrients is great stuff. Not to many experienced growers here will disagree.

The thing with most is the cost, especially the larger grows. If you can afford it, why not. With that said though alot gravitate to something like Jacks to lower cost with pretty much the same results.

To each his own. I know one guy who says he uses pee, go figure. Advance says they make ooey gooy sticky buds on one of my bottles. I can’t argue that, even stoned.

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He’s correct, urine contains a lot of NPK. Nitrogen phosphorus potassium calcium and the list goes on.

A grower did it grow side by side on vegetables in his garden urine versus miracle Grow and urine won.

I’ll stick with advanced Nutrients. If times get so bad at least I know I can pee in my plant


Pee needs to be diluted down 10 to 1 before using on plants, and sorry @Lostgirl , male pee is better, women’s pee as too many hormones and can cause other issues with them!

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End up with damn moody plants :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Damn @Spudgunner Your a pee-ologist. I love it

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People have bee telling me to piss off all my life.

And I’d rather be pissed off than pissed on! :crazy_face:

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Can you share with me the amounts you add of that recipe? I’m using the same one and having issues, but my ppms just got bumped to 604 in the early stage of flowering. Thanks for any help!

I don’t use a recipe per se. I use several advanced Nutrients products, I also use other brand additives in each plant eats differently and has different requirements in both nutrients and additives so there’s really no set amount for recipe I kind of feed them what they need. I have a desired PPM runoff that I set and I feed accordingly to maintain that runoff.

Using the same one of what?

Sorry, I’m really not sure what you’re asking.

I strongly suggest that new growers start a journal thread. This gives you and everybody else a bird’s eye view of what’s going on with your grow. It also allows you to keep documentation that you can go back in the future for reference.

If you’re having a specific issue and you just want to resolve it I would make a thread related to your issue and be as descriptive as possible on what’s going on with your grow with all the details of your grow and pictures to support.

Ok, well I’m using pH perfect grow micro and bloom, along with voodoo juice, b-52, bud candy, bud ignitor and hydroguard. My plant is showing signs of what I thought was nutrient burn but Ive got a little guidance that says possible deficiency. It’s a black jack autoflower I’d say a week into flowering. Maybe you know the solution?