Adjustments - TDS and EC

What do you use to adjust your TDS and EC numbers?

TDS/EC/PPM is a measurement of the presence of dissolved solids (fertilizers) in your feed or your runoff. The 3 (TDS, EC, and PPM) are different ways of looking at the measurement of those dissolved solids.

Feed more for a higher PPM. Feed less for a lower PPM. Maintain PPM as close to 1,000 as you can through the grow.

Many of the members here use Jack’s 321, the Fox Farm Trio, General Hydroponics, or Advanced nutrients.


To extend on excellent answer from MidwestGuy, are you looking to adjust the solution you’re mixing to feed or what’s in the pots that hold your plants?


If you’re nutrient solution is too strong (ppm/EC too high) add plain water or water with just calmag until it’s at your target EC. If they’re too low then you add more nutrients in the correct ratio. If you’re concerned about runoff ppm/EC then I’d suggest you go to the cocoforcannabis website and do some reading. There are several articles there dealing with the topic.

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thanks folks, this was a massive help

alright guys ive got another one, when you use bergmans nutes are you supposed to only use them alone or add more nutes? the reason i ask is because i mixed just the bergmans and all of m numbers were good.

also what is a good wetting agent now that sm-90 is no longer available

RAW yucca is a good one. It’s not exactly cheap, but a little goes a long way.

thanks a lot for the diretion i’ve been looking with no luck .

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