Absolutely surprised

I’ve had my order of seeds for a few weeks now and decided to give a first grow a whirl. I put 3 SK 4 WW and 3 GL into peat under a light. Bam! 3 days later ALL 10 are up. I must say, ILGM has a great product and I will be a regular customer for the foreseeable future.


Hey welcome! My ILGM seeds had 100% germ as well! Looking forward to seeing how yours do.


Thanks for the welcome. I’ve been reading these forums for a few weeks learning and getting ideas. People here seem helpful and full of support. I like a friendly atmosphere.
I’ve been watching your grow as well. @matthew420 You seem to be doing great. I was thinking of doing a grow journal here in the next week or so.


Thanks man. It’s coming along nicely thanks to all the info here :slight_smile: This is a great site full of good people and staff (yes, I know staff are people too :stuck_out_tongue: )



Welcome to our mad mad world of ILGM It’s great to have you join our community.

That’s great to hear that all the seeds you planted poped.
if you need any help at all … you just ask away ok





And awesome deal on the seeds… Good luck growing!

Welcome to the sand box
That’s awesome :clap: :100: %
Looking forward to updates
Happy growing :grin: CB

lol, they must be good catholic plants


Good job, Buddy.

That first bit of confirmation will give you confidence for the rest of your grow.

Welcome to ILGM Mad Scientist Group ! There are some awesome growers in this group and more than willing to share their expertise with you. The absolute best way to be a better grower is to keep a journal of your grows. That allows you to get help, usually pretty fast, as they are looked at frequently during the day.

Robert’s seeds are very reliable. His service is good also. This site has a huge amount of information in one place. They take care of you here. Looking forward to seeing your grow journal. Jerry

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Welcome @Thenakedmason to ILGM where everyone loves WEED :v::+1: I have a lot of respect and trust in these people, they have taught me everything I know about horticulture :hammer_and_wrench: