Absolute Beginner in need of advice

About to start first grow ever. I’m using a pot for pot 2.5 gallon set up with Bruce Banner seeds. Right now I only want to start with one plant. I don’t think I did my research enough. My original plan was to place the plant outside to get the sun and bring it in at night. Will I have success growing this way. If not please share any tips and suggestions. I hope I posted this correctly. Thank you in advance.


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The ILGM grow bible is a good place to start. Feel free to ask questions as you go through it.


Welcome to the community , You’re at the right place, yes you can have success If you’re no longer having frost outside at night you can leave it outside will be fine.
Good luck

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Moving a plant from outdoors to indoors also brings bugs back in with it… make sure you take measures to prevent that. Spray diligently weekly.


What @BigItch said :point_up_2:
Pests are despicable and sometimes hard to control.
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Seedlings love tenting. “It’s a jungle out there”. Outdoor planting before Flag-Day may be too early (especially in Alaska). PNW Zone 8, Memorial Day looking good. In tent until then.

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First of all thanks to everyone who replied and so quickly too. I was sweating over the thought I may have to get involved with grow lights. My PNW by the way is 8a. Since I’m only going for one plant at time right now I will try my indoor outdoor approach. Thank you all again.


Only spot I can grow outdoors, has the worst environment. Froze local cover crop.
I got 4 lone survivors struggling not to become dust in the wind.

Broadcast seeding, got a threesome going. Congenital triplet separation beyond my skill.


I like your approach. You will learn so much here and 1 plant is all you need to go thru the process of a first grow.

Good luck and since pests will probably be in play there as well as all the other potential issues… you are in for a heck of an adventure.

Hang on! It’s going to be a lot fun and learning. And you’re probably going to have some big ups and downs just like the rest of us did.


How much of the seedling booster needs to be added


Here is an option for you to help simplify things as far as feeding goes. This was recommended to me by my grow shop. Use happy frog soil mixed with happy frog fruit and flower 4-9-3 per instructions, and then top dress with it once a month. It’s working for me, and very easy. It’s all organic, and supposedly helps to naturally repel pests.

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Welcome to the community rusty , If you are using a cannabis friendly soil. You should be good for at least 4 weeks, with no feed. :v::+1:

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Plants look healthy an off to a good start.

This is worth the money, cheap tires not good for Bugatti.


I would like to download this on my PC think how

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Welcome to your new happy place :blush: If u could fill out the support ticket it will help.

I find that most growers use plastic non porous pots. do yourself a favor and invest in a regular non sealed clay/terra cotta pot. it is porous and allows the plants roots to dry out. by letting them get a little dry off and on it forces the roots to grow searching for moisture thus a bigger root system. I got bogged down reading and all it caused was a lot of confusion. I use clay pots, autoflower, regular or rain water, osmocott fertilizer, then a mixture of burt cucumber skins (k) and bone meal (phosphorous) during flowering. florida sunshine. beautiful , healthy plants to show for it. I think most people tend to over think this and end up screwing things up. It is a weed and grows like a weed .

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