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Where do I write my questions on this forum I’m new and trying to figure this out I need help with plants.


This is my first grow I’m in a green house just using sun light used the nutrients pack from ilgm. This is gold leaf. Wondering why it’s not yellow or gold like add. What should I do now if anything? Look good and nice buds but doesn’t match pictures of gold leaf

Is the amber caused by aging of the trichomes or does the plant start producing amber when it gets a certain age?

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Yes, as the tricombs mature they will change from clear to cloudy and then amber.

That part I know. What is the cause? Does an aging plant PRODUCE amber OR does the trichome change AFTER is has been produced?

This girl ready? More time? Pretty new to this. Mystery strain from an unlabeled auto sale pack.

Buttons bit touchy phones glitchy. Does spider mites decrease bud potency ?

i understand looking at trichomes for timing harvest with respect to thc effects

HOWEVER, i am growing pollinated plants so as to harvest SEEDS for future crops.
QUESTION: what are the signs to look for that seeds are fully mature and able to germinate?

i have sampled some seeds from various plants. obviously the green/small seeds are too young.
other seeds are brown, black, (but other than trying to germinate), what should l look for?

Why my Purple looks red?

After 9 weeks, it’s already to harvest but It looks red?
Any ideal how to harvest and dry Purple in the right way?

Orange Bud day 57 of flower…Is it time or wait another day or two. Sorry the pictures aren’t better. Used a magnifier held up to my camera lens for the close up. I’m thinking it’s time but wanted other opinions. Thanks!

New grower here, am somewhat flummoxed by harvest timing. Based on what I have read my plant seems to be ready? Any advice, is it too soon?

Greatly value input of experienced growers

Hi All,

Been a lurker here for a while but finally decided to join. After so many failed attempts one of my seeds finally germinated. This is my one and only plant this season.

I have checked the trichomes and they appear to be milky but it’s hard to tell. They also seem to differ along different areas of the plant.

If I can ask a huge favor, I’m wondering if you all could provide me with some guidance on how close to harvest I am? Here are some photos below.

Thank you all in advance,


When the trichomes get milky and some amber color and the hairs will turn reddish brown

This is my first ever grow. Today marks 3 months since germination. Being that it’s my first grow, I know I made some mistakes (like writing down the day flowering began). I’m not upset because it’s all part of the learning process. Are there any experienced growers that could assist in a timeline for harvesting? I don’t have a microscope to get a super closeup like others have been showing.
Any advice would be amazing!