A Topic for us little growers 2×2 size grow tents

This is a topic for the small indoor personal growers. My goal not to have to buy weed again. 1-2 plant every 3 months, quality smoke is perfect. I think we have different challenges than these guys with 10 plants 8×8 tent with all kinds of professional grower stuff and of course Expensive. I have a 2×2 tent with a TS1000. I have to put 2 small fans on light and air filter intake pulling heat off and venting to outside just to keep temperatures down. Keeps a steady 78°, 50% humidity. I dont have to move light up or down. But I do have to keep buds from getting to close to light. I even stuck a CO2 bag in the corner. I have even the fans turn off, thinking the CO2 will set low in tent and saturate plant while lights off. Im running 20 and 4 on light.


Fox Farm cheapy trio, Happy Frog/Ocean 50/50 with layers of Bat guano and Worm casting about every 3 inches. In 3 gallon cloth pots. I use only half recommended amounts and alternate with RO water. I got digital microscope to check tricomes. I just want to Never have to Buy Weed Ever Again.

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The best way to grow the highest quality weed is to focus on the basics (good lighting, proper watering, managing pH and PPM, and so on…)

CO2 isn’t going to do any good with a TS1000 for a light. You need to run insane light levels (1,200+ PPFD) for the plant to use the extra CO2, in addition to other tight environmental controls.

A 2x2 is big enough for 1 plant. The TS1000 is a 100 watt light that will struggle to flower a plant, but it will get you some yield. Ideal light levels are about 800 PPFD at the plant’s canopy. A light that puts out ~200 watts per plant will get a better yield for you.

Good choice for the FF nutes. The best way to manage nutes is to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000. Happy Frog is a good soil and you won’t need to feed your plant for ~4 weeks from your last transplant before PPM dips below 1,000.


This is where you guys get way to complicated and a bit ( Im a Magic technical Weed Grower) immediately starts confusing me. And doesnt seem to get my setup. Must not be the same or close?
I can barely keep the temperature down and a TS1000 is definitely more than enough light power for a 2×2 tent. Plus my CO2 may not be at the crazy levels the Despensarie uses, But hey its always " Better than Nothing ". I/we ar doing the best I / we can on a limited budget ( this is why I/ we are using a 2×2) for a modest personal Inexpensive Buzz.


@oldbud1 brother i couldnt agree with you more. we are in the same boat. i had some seeds out of a bag i bought and just said what the heck and they started growing now im 5 weeks in and they are doing well so far i have 5 plants i used miracle grow which i learned was a no no im just now learning about light levels nutrients and different mediums. but so far im happy with it so far and im sure it will be good enough for me. however it has become so rewarding that i already have seeds for my next grow and plan on using the info i can decipher from the “Great Weed Pilosopers” haha

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these are my plants @oldbud1

Cant Afford list, Bigger hotter light ( why) , CO2 system, hydroponics, A. C. unit, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, special water, heat mat ( seedling), Ph meter ( i did waste money on one, to complicated to set up and maintain), special expensive electronic levels monitoring stuff that turns stuff On/off.

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i think people forget weed is a natural growing plant that survived and flourished with no added assistance in nature. i get wanting to improve or make it better but some times too much is too much and you over complicate things.

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I/we are running a 2×2 tent. Trying to no have a sky high electric bill, not burn my house down, not attract attention, not stank/ dank up entire house, not go in debt to much on initial setup, not be to complicated. I just want to Never have to Buy GOOD Weed ever.

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My 2×2


Bigger light doesn’t always mean hotter. More light is directly related to a better yield - bigger light doesn’t also have to mean outrageously expensive. My go-to light Rec is $179 or $379 depending on how much space needs covering. Unfortunately it’s too large for a 2x2 (25” long, not compatible)

But that’s the reason people will mention the light first and foremost and even after you say you don’t wanna hear it or can’t afford it. The thing is the sun powers plants outside, and they get as much as they can all day long all season long. Indoors we artificially manipulate that - the more “sun” you can provide, the happier they’ll be.

As you’ve seen, 100 watts will do it, especially for autos where you can give them 24 hours of light to make up for the lack of power in the light. 200 watts 18 hrs a day would do even better, but there’s a limit to what fits a 2x2 and a budget for that matter.

Point is, it’s a relatable problem - I have a 2x2 I need to set up for a specific plant to grow, but I am struggling to find a light I’m satisfied with output without going over my dimensions, factoring in need for ventilation and airflow. It’s a tight squeeze, no doubt about it.

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With the TS1000 in a 2×2, I have 2 small fans blowing directly on the lights and my output air flow is directly pulling heat off it also. Even with my house temp at 74° / 50% humidity, 24/7 AC . I still can get the temp no lower than about 77°. By the way my TS1000 is a 150 Watt LED newest model is for a 27 inch by 27 inch tent.

This is indeed how co2 naturally works. Unfortunately exhausting out the top will take a lot with it. The good news here is that co2 not going to make much or any difference in your space with that small of light. I wouldn’t replace when your finished with bag, put that money towards something else.

I think if you’re trying to get to harvest in 3 months you should look at what Mattybear is doing. He runs 8 plants in 2x4 on constant 12/12 light schedule. That is roughly his time seed to harvest and he’s able to completely fill the 2x4 with the 8 plants. You could probably do the same with 4 plants.

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I’m running the same light as you are in a 2x2. Detaching the ballast and control box and getting it out of the tent helps to keep temps down a lot. Here’s my setup and first grow,( Tophat’s first tent 2x2 sour diesel auto )this little tent rocks and will do exactly as you say, keep me supplied with quality smoke without breaking the bank. Oh…. That new version ts1000 will grow some pretty dense buds, just keep DLI a bit higher than recommended.

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You could also open your windows during lights on to bring some cold air in, or an intake. I’ve also found that my plants prefer 18/6 light cycle as 20/4 doesn’t change much except my electricity bill :joy:

Also this is only a waste if you don’t learn how to maintain / use it.

Nothing is complicated about learning the basics! It’s all research for us to maximize yield and makes the most of our setup. If you’re more of a laidback let it do what it wants type of grower, you may get stuck in some points when you may need help with changing the environment, ph, ppm, mold, pests, etc. Without controlling some of these it may be hard to do so.

Then again there are different hobby growers. Some grow for fun, for experience, for quality, for quantity, autoflowers, photoperiods, and the list goes on.

The best lesson so far has been " Leave plants alone" Really all I need to do is water every 3-4 days, alternate with nutes at half dose. And just leave it the F@#$k Alone. , stick a digital microscope on it at 10- 12 weeks , chop, dry. Cure. That all there really is to it. Decent grow light, good dirt, ventilation, water and nutes. It is really just that simple. This what I have fugured out. OF course IGLM seeds are the key. Without good genetics we got dirt weed. With this setup I dont have to buy dispensary weed. The key is to just grow myself some good Stoney weed that is as good or even better than dispensary weed. SIMPLE AS THAT


You Canadians are awesome, seems like everyone is growing weed indoors and outdoors. Obviously some are growing fairly big setups. Growing some serious quantities of super good weed. They are running dispensary out of the house. Cost a shit load of money to set up and run. They are smoking allot or got to sell to handle expenses. They Obviously are self taught experts. They must have alot of time. Nothing else to do but stay indoors ( snow suxs)and grow killer weed.

@oldbud1 I personally think it’s wonderful that you can grow, what appears to be small plants that will meet your needs.

As you and others have stated, anybody can grow weed with the simplest of equipment. At least you have a tent which is a step up from what some folks have. After all, it’s a weed… But, not everybody can grow lots of weed in a small space.

That is the reason folks step up their game to grow. Just like you, folks buy and add stuff to make their grow better. Some will buy fancy equipment, and some even buy stuff that does no good.

I’m a believer that, whatever you do and however you do it, just enjoy it.

Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


Whenever I fail at the grow, I just throw the crap weed into the compost and start over. I have tossed a bunch over the last 5 years. I think I have it figured out by now. This is by no means F#$^king Brain Surgery. Just simple gardening for the most part. I can grow freaking tomatoes with just as much success. Just want some good head stash.