A Tale Of Two Phenos

I’m growing 2 Blue Dreams and 3 Super Lemon Haze in the same tent, same soil, same everything as one Gold Leaf and one Afghan, all from ILGM.

Rig Rundown:
5x5 tent
HLG 550 R Spec knockoff LED (Niemi LED)
AC Infinity 6" computerized ventilation w/ large Vivosun activated charcoal filter
one Blizzard oscillating fan + two 6" clip ons
10 gal smartpots
RO water, PHed to 6.5
Fox Farm Ocean Forest/Happy Frog amended with:
Roots Organics Nitro Bat Guano
Worm Castings
Nutrients used in waterings every other day:
Blue Planet liquid seaweed
unsulphured molasses
Nutrients used in weekly compost tea feedings:
Roots Organics Super Phos bat guano
Charlie’s Compost (chicken manure + straw)
Root Magic powder
unsulphured molasses

day 45 of flower

The problem:
The two Blue Dream look very different from one another, one is a lighter green overall with mustardy colored mottling on say 50% of the leaves as pictured, also pistils are sticking up straight and with I would say a medium amount of trichomes. It’s the larger of the two plants with bigger buds as well. The other is very petite with deeper green leaves and very finely featured, perfect defined little leaves, curly pistils and with noticeably more trichome development than its sister, but slightly smaller buds. ???

The 3 Super Lemon look different from one another as well, one’s short and light green and seems a weak growing plant vs its sibs despite having the best real estate in the tent; one’s beautiful and perfect with deep green leaves & snow white pistils & trichomes, and the one with the least optimum real estate is a monster, the tallest in the tent with curly sugarleaves and lots of trichomes despite having germinated two weeks after its siblings. ???

Help me understand



Be careful of Blue Dream if you have never grown them before. They can dominate a tent real fast. Also remember 2 seeds are never alike. That is how genetics work. I do have 2 Blue Dream about to be pulled soon. Just giving plain water now as the plant is eating all the nutrients from the leaves. I always pull them earlier where the leaves are still green.

Not this time. I did have 3 BD and I pulled one because it was to weak to hold the flowers up. I need to decarb it and rob all the trichomes off of it.

Yep. Mr. Peat summed it up.

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A tale of two phenos. Both are Berry Bomb. Everything has been identical, they are in the same container

They have different bud structures also


This looks like a genetic mutation called variegation. Won’t hurt the overall plant.

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Yeah they do - BIG

Thanks. Wondered if the plant was diseased or what, but it seemed healthy and no necrosis anywhere so I just kept on with it.

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