A male or what I can’t tell

I think I’m a male


Some funky growth there but I don’t see any male parts.

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Looks like you might have some reveg from a female tbh!

It doesn’t look like this

So what does that mean. Is it okay to keep it

balls come in pairs don’t they?

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It is weird growth….are you feeding it bloom nutes? Kinda looks like it hermied kinda just looks like it’s growing weird…if by chance you could get some better pictures we could help ya better prolly

Looks like a swollen bract/calyx. Got anymore examples? Rounded leaves are sposed to be a reveg trait. I’m with @Jakecan

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Is this one better

Looks like re vege to me as well but I’m no expert

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Yes and no. Can you tell us is there a point in your grow, after flowering began, that for whatever reason the hours of light were increased instead of decreased? Say it was getting 12 hrs when it started flowering and then suddenly 15 hrs sunlight because of a change in environment (whatever that may have been). This can trick a plant into reveg. The round leaves are a dead giveaway for reveg.
I’ll tag a few of the boards best and brightest for ya. @MidwestGuy (regular of the month July) @latewood @Hellraiser @Myfriendis410 @Nicky these folks know how to grow and are excellent at helping. Others are also, I read a lot and these cats in particular are very well versed. They will answer for ya for sure, and let us know if we are right about the reveg. Win/Win if ya ask me.
Outside of this your plant looks very happy.


Tend to agree after that pic….looks like buds that went back to veg

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Female but yeah it revegged, can tell by the leaves with no serrated edges and the funky growth.

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