A few questions asked

Questions from a fellow grower:

  1. I have been following the feeding schedule that is provided with your nutrients…step by step.

Would the use of Prozyme and Humic Acid be of any detriment?

I switched from using Humboldt Nutrients to the MJ booster.

Humboldt has a natural pH up & down.

Their pH up is “Humbolt” (a humic acid) and their pH down is “Flavorful” (a humic acid derivative)

  1. In between feedings, is it acceptable to administer compost tea/root mycorrhizal powders or should I just keep to the MJ Booster nutrients and water?

  2. EC - PPM
    To save my life, I cannot yet figure out the proper EC to PPM conversion. So far I’ve found that converted PPMs range between 600 and 850…depending on the model of your meter. Since the EC remains at 1.2 during the entire feeding schedule, from Veg to Harvest, does it ever fluctuate with a rise or fall in pH?

Any answers in the form of PPM would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Is it advised to apply a foliar spray with MJ Booster Nutrients? If so, what is the recommended foliar PPM and pH?

  2. Are there any tips you can provide on how to properly grow CBD? Medicine is in high demand. People need it badly. There is a very lazy trend taking place right now in the U.S.

Since legalization, most growers are very disrespectfully rushing the process and our dispensaries are filled with nothing other than strong Indica.

As a disabled person, this is unacceptable.

I can’t seem to find much literature on how to properly grow CBD.

Do you have any advice or knowledge to share?

You can look in the seed part of this web sight. Read the spec.s on the seeds
It will tell you which seeds have a high CBD to THC. I Like mine to be about 50/50 the CBDS mill lower theTHC high some how. Or so the say. I’m growing
Blueberry fem seeds for the CBDS. Plus Roberts own GOLD LEAF is also great.