A bug ate my plant!

Hi Everyone,

I found this little guy in my indoor set up (3x3 tent with Mars TS 1000 light). Anyone know what it is?? It chewed tiny round holes in the first leaves of the plant. Should I deep clean the tent to ensure there are none left?? Just when I thought I was getting the hang of things…

Caterpillar. And they can do MASSIVE amounts of damage. I recommend a good inspection and a spray of your choice of pest control. I like Jack’s Dead Bug Brew.


yikes! thanks for the product recommendation!

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Don’t be scared to hand pick them off and squish them…very satisfying.lol there little bitty small one sometimes us can find.

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I like to smash their heads then feed them back to the plant. :sweat_smile:

How come I never see caterpillars laying eggs? Hmm cause they budder flys dog! LOL ponder that baked.