5x5x7 tent, 4 to 6 plants

A question from a fellow grower:

I want a 5×5×7 grow tent.what would the best led light for this tent.4to6 plants

With most of the big name LEDs by the best known manufacturers, they will almost always give you a recommended coverage area that the light can cover, get the one that can do flowering in a 5x5 area.

I, personally, do not endorse or recommend buying a light from any of the best known manufacturers as I feel they are all way over priced, ridiculously so.

If you do your research, you can build you own for significantly less – that will likely even outperform many of the best name brands out there. And if you are not handy, and again do some homework, you can find a quality Chinese model at way less, like maybe only a quarter the price of the big name brands.

KIND LED, a company that we have their lights in our grow supply shop, found by following the seed shop link at the top right of our page, has this model that they say will cover a 5x5 footprint.


Also, one light might not necessarily be your best bet. Depending on how the LED light is laid out, 4 smaller panels might give you better and more even coverage, especially for more than one plant. This is how I’d probably do it, do the research to figure out which quality “generic” light would cover a 2.5 x 2.5 area, and get 4 of those for my tent. In this way you would probably find a quality Chinese made model that, even for four of the smallish units would cost maybe only around $250-$300 instead of nearly $2,000 that most big name brands would cost to cover such an area. You have to be real careful and do a lot of investigation to make sure your model is made by a reputable Chinese company, because unfortunately there are a ton of new short lived Chinese companies that sell on e-bay that might be making complete junk.

Of course you could get a HID light for around as low as about $150 that would do a pretty good job covering that area, like this HID model from Amazon:

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