5 weeks in flower

Just want to make sure I’m doing this right. And how long to harvest.

Where’s all your fan leaves?


@Donaldj i trimmed most off. I read they take away from bud growth.

Leaves are the heart and lings of the pl;ants. You read bad advice.

You harvest by the % of amber trichomes that you like. You need a 60-100x pocket microscope or jeweler’s loupe in order to monitor the trichomes until your plants are at the finishing stage that you prefer. lw


Thanks. I have other plants and left the fan leaves on. Just to try different ways. But i do thank you for advice


By the looks of your plants if that’s a recent picture you still have at least three weeks to go if not longer …all of your pistols still look young and fresh…
On a side note …never cut anything off of your plants … whenever anything comes off my plant it’s because it’s dead or either it falls off or I brush up against it or I do a little tug and it comes right off… but never cut anything off… if for some reason you need to get light lower tuck the fan leaves out of the way but don’t cut them off… :wink:

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@peachfuzz thanks for info. Just trying to do it the right way if there is a right way. It’s amazing. How many different ways people grow there. Mj.


too true…know who you ask for advice, the mentors here know their grow facts!

if you hear the same advice all the time, it’s probably true (keep the first grow simple, watch the pH of what you put in, don’t over or under water)…but if only one person recommends doing something, think twice before following that advice (removing the fan leaves, loving your plants to death, fertilizing too early).

read the posts here on the forum, look at the photos, research a few things…I never know what I will learn or where I will end up!

and have fun


@kabongster really appreciate the advice. I wouldn’t say my grow i a loss. The buds are coming along nice but i understand how important the fan leaves are now. One good thing i didn’t do that to my other plants. Lol thanks again.

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this is just between us…

A few years back I was trying stuff outdoors and I thought I should cut off fan leaves for ventilation.

I searched hours before I found someone recommending it, so I trimmed…interior fan leaves, exterior fan leaves, I was a real Kabongster scissorhands…and the plant stopped growing, for weeks. The harvest was light, too. Searching for so long should have been a clue, but I wanted to trim, so I kept looking…

Maybe I was the wrong person to do it, maybe the other person was a Master grower with skills…but I learned, at least for me, keep it simple and stick with what works or be prepared to fail.


@kabongster I know that was just between you and @Bnunu but…

I saw something a few weeks ago that prompted me to make a simple rule.

Never do anything drastic without asking someone (the forum) first.

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sometimes I am too eager to share successes but it’s also through my failing that we can all learn!

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absolutely. We are all looking for the max yield, be it from one plant or many. I just have found I sometimes need to do a reality check with myself to be sure. Like the stem splitting.

A few more bongs from now and everyone will have every plant split including their tomatoes and then I will try it, lol


I know…if it’s a guaranteed thing, the big growers would have a tool to do it quickly and safely…instead it’s some hobbyist mmj growers attempting it. With screwdrivers, sharp kitchen knives and razor blades.

But it can’t hurt in the last 3-6 days so if it works, good for those that tried it, even if it’s only a 3% increase, and if it doesn’t work, it was interesting to try and more fun than watching the plant grow.


saying of the day! LOL