5 leaf cannabis plant

Hey guys I’m hoping that somebody can possibly help me out with this,
About 6 weeks ago I ordered some seeds from multiverse and they sent me out the three pack of seeds that I ordered Plus a couple freebies.
The seeds that I ordered that were the three pack were a limited supply that was supposed to be special seeds,
They’re called granite Haze phenotype four.

Well instead of three seeds they sent me out four seeds so you can imagine how happy I was about that.

The first two seeds died to my negligence.

The third seed is now 5 weeks old and resembles a sativa dominant plant however,
She only has five leaves.
Me knowing about ruderalis strictly from experience and finding out the hard way that the plant that I was growing wasn’t going to produce anything or if it did produce anything it wasn’t going to be what I was looking for,
I spent nearly 6 months on her thinking that she was a seed that I got from a buddy but she ended up being a seed that I got out of a flower out of a vape shop, I can say one thing it was a very healthy seed.

I did not find out about ruderalis until about 3 months into the grow.
At that time that was the only plant I had going.

So I was still anticipating some type of harvest but at the same time I did not understand autoflowers from photoperiods either.

So what happened was when I started growing the third seed out of the four seeds that I got from multiverse about 3 weeks into the grow I decided to go ahead and start the fourth seed which I did,

As of today was just September the 18th 2023 granite Haze phenotype 4 seed 3 is 5 weeks and one day old so you can pretty much say she’s 36 days old.

As of today September 18th 2023 granite Haze phenotype for seed four 19 or 20 days old.

Here is the strange thing that’s going on.

The third seed is healthy and I think she’s a little bit stunted due to her growing conditions at first when I first started her, but she’s healthy.
However she has five leaves.
As you can imagine me literally just chopping down the ruderalis that I was growing, chopping her down about 3 weeks ago, so me knowing about the five leaf plant cannabis plant that is, this had me concerned from the get-go. I contacted multiverse and they sent me out some links I checked the links and I already knew what the link said. I recently contacted the supplier after this next thing happened.
The fourth seed out of the four seeds that I received in that package, this seed is almost 3 weeks old and now has seven leaves and looks like she is an Indica dominant plant.

If you look at both pictures that I’m going to try to attach you can clearly see the difference obviously the bigger plant is the one that is 36 days old today the smaller plant is 19 or 20 days old.

These plants are supposed to be the same plant however one has five leaves and the other has seven and it’s not just like on one node are coming out of one node it’s on the whole d### plant.

I’m like WTF?

So I contacted the supplier of the seeds yesterday and I’m hoping to receive a reply back from them today to let me know what’s going on I’m thinking that they sent me out either the wrong package or the wrong seeds I don’t know because there’s no pictures really of the plant it’s only pictures of the buds.

I just know about the five leaf plant that I do not have any intentions on growing I know what Auto flowers are so I do not need to be told what I already know which is auto flowers or root around us and photos mixed.

I already know this.

If anybody can help me with this issue in any way or has any ideas please be the first to let me know.


Yeah a lot of times they show same number of leafs but most it starts out at 1,3,5,9 and heard of some 10 and some 12 leaf ones but they do look good though

Yeah they look great, I don’t know if you can see the pictures that I posted with the post but yes they are very healthy and it’s pre-flowering now and it has a decent amount of bud sites. I am anticipating trying it out LOL.

But it is just so crazy to me how the two plants look completely different and one has seven leaves and one has five leaves and like I said the one that has five leaves that is shown in the picture very healthy plant and it’s getting bigger and bigger with good butt size but I just don’t want to be growing another ruderalis.

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Hello @marinedre88

I am still new but I’m confused with this post. I didn’t know that 5 finger leaf plants are bad?

Most likely I’m misunderstanding what you are say (again, I’m new).

I can relate to a degree. I have two plants that are the same strain and both photos.

Look totally different and one has 3 finger leaves only “and” started flowering on its own under 18/6 lights. Im told it is ruderailas.

I’ll continue to grow it and see what I get. (I know it is nitrogen heavy)