4th grow . Looking for some opinions thanks!

Hey guys ! Loving the forum I have got so much info from you folk. So i have my 4th grow here 1 of each of the auto flower mix pack . Northern lights , amnesia , blueberry . They are beautiful but I did notice some new burns on one leaf . I have had it before and just corrected the ph . But I did want you guys to seee them and give your opinions . I know I need better lights , that will be my next investment . I am growing with fox farms cocoa loco . And fox farm supplements . Just started tiger bloom and open seasame. Thanks


@Miseenplace, we need some better pics, in natural light if possible. Also, all your pics didn’t load.

That first pic looks like you got nutes on the leaf when watering, however be advised, you have 4 belts, am working on my 1st.

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Hey thanks for the response. They just went into 6 hour dark. I will revise my posts in a a little while

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Hey so I found some pics I took yesterday , as well as some low stress training , in my opinion they look and seem very happy. The largest is starting to smell :grinning:. I checked the ph before they went to dark this AM. It was a little low coming in around 5. Watered with ph water of 7.50 try and and even them out. Again I’m a new grower , and i am trying some new techniques . Value any opinions. I hope my photos load this time :smile: