48 hours of darkness: amber trichomes & watering

With regards to the forty eight hours of darkness before harvest… Generally I look for about 25% amber before chopping. Does the same rule apply if you’re doing the 48 hours? Or should i start darkness when fewer are amber to allow that extra 2 days of maturity? Part B. How does watering fit into the 48 hour plan as well? Water all the way up to the darkness period?


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A myth that is bro science. If you take away a plant’s light, you remove the plant’s energy source to manufacture and maintain trichomes. It will harm your quality rather than enhance it.




Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I have watched Dr. Bugbee’s videos. Here’s what I can tell you. Last time I was growing two girls, one of them finished a little ahead of the other, amber trichome-wise, so I went ahead and put it into darkness for two days, more to wait for the other than anything and when I chopped them both, the one that had been in darkness, had way more resin on it and was better smoke vs the one not in darkness, so it kind of made my mind up to try it…. Plus if you think about it, your plants don’t only grow during the light period. They grow with the energy they collected during the light period… things don’t stop happening in the dark, of that I’m certain… whether it is helping quality or not is up to the beholder I guess.

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Unless you were comparing clones with identical genetics, the difference is likely due to other factors. I know of no experienced growers who do dark periods.

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Maybe… they were same strain from this site so good genetics, and looked identical until one began maturing a little faster in terms of more amber trichomes under the microscope… but once the other matured in a couple days, there was much more resin on the girl in the dark…. No doubt that change happened while in the dark… now if that was just how the strain matures and the other needed 2 more days to achieve same resin production I can’t tell you but there is no doubt her changes occurred in the dark… thanks for taking time to respond…

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Bro Science IMO. I run lights right up to harvest. I’ve tried both ways and lights on seem to add that little extra to the trichomes/buds :love_you_gesture: