48 days from seed first grow

Autoflower from ilgm. One Bruce banner, to girl scout cookie extreme, and two gorilla glue. Things are looking kind of out of this world. I think the buds will be the size of my arm when done!


Nice which one is the Bruce Banner?

They look great

If you look at the over head pic. Brucie is In the smack middle … looks the whitest. Like if you were looking for a cracker… That’s Bruce banner!

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I can send you a one on one pic if you were looking for personal time

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That cracked me up. :v:


Here’s all the girls out of the closet! They wanted to strut there stuff for a one on one shoot.

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Brucie is the second pic in the row of pics. He is actually 1 week behind… First seed didn’t pop. So that’s 6 weeks!

For your personal enjoyment

Lol! I have already grown the auto version and the Colorado outdoor version. I switched to Green Crack for my outdoor as I had alot of problems with powdery mildew on banner outdoors. But indoor I grew a couple of banner auto that were around 4 ft.

Banner is a favorite of mine it just doesn’t like my areas heat and humidity