4100 ppm nutrient feed

Hey gang. I don’t post on here much, but I figured I would get everyone’s opinion. I’m currently running nectar of the God’s Spartan regimen and when I fed this morning, the PPm’s of the feed for one lady were at 4100. I’m mid flower roughly and the ladies have been doing very well. I’ve been doing soil slurries before each feeding and I normally get 300 PPM Per plant which means the ladies are loving what I’m feeding them. My Question is if one of my plants gets a 4100 PPM feeding, Will it adversely affect her? If the normal feedings for these ladies are around 2600 PPM.
I think my meter must have broken after the 2nd test because I was getting readings for the nutrients at 2600 it’s 100th for the 1st 2 ladies. I nervous because they are looking very good and they don’t want to kill anyone but you killed any buds/plants. Processing: 20211111_235700.mp4…
Processing: 20211110_015623.heic…


Same amounts as u normally use but meter reads double? Id make another batch then retest, could have heavy handed something….

If the same amounts of additives give u skewed numbers, id lean towards pen at fault as well


Check the “mode” on your meter a 4100EC/4.1 could be 2050ppm in 500range.
Still pretty spicy, mine would be getting burned


Nice looking lady. Great advise from Purp