40 Days into Flower for my FIRST EVER grow

Hello! Welcome to my 5x5, this is my first time posting on here as well as my first time trying my hand growing.

These are Feminized GG#4 from ILGM! Day 40 of flower when I took these pictures.

I started these ladies from seed on 11/09/2022. They have been in 70/30 coco coir their entire lives (excluding seedling stage). I’ve been using General Hydroponics nutrient line and hydrogaurd.

My main concern at this point is budrot/mold. Temp average = 83F/40%RH. I have 2 fans in opposite sides of the tent as well as an exhaust fan. Thank you for time!!


Welcome, and very nice grow. I think as long as you keep plenty of air circulating like you are, you shouldn’t have any problems.


Thank you very much for your response! @Dexterado

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Awesome job my friend and welcome to the forum :+1:


Thank you! (-:


Great job welcome to the community


Welcome @Trichomee !. This is a great community with alot of good growers for any medium. For a first timer, hats off to you,you are killing it! Great work. As far as bud rot goes it is always a threat with heat and high humidity. You said your rh is avg of 40% so you should not have any problems. Is this your rh at lights out? Bc thats when its highest for sure. If you can lower temps a bit that would help reduce risk as well. Again welcome!

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If you are interested in lowering temps in your tent could you possibly move your drivers outside of your tent? From what you shared that is something I would consider. As for RH you are good I run higher with out issue.

Welcome to the forum,


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Welcome to the neighborhood. Beautiful grow. :blush::v:


Lookin great in there! 40% shouldn’t be a problem, just keep the airflow goin! I can’t tell from the pics but it wouldn’t hurt to have even a small clip on fan at the bottom of the canopy


Thank you for your comment! It’s actually hidden in the pictures because it’s positioned below the canopy. Glad I’m doing it right!


Welcome to the community Grow Bro and excellent work! I wouldn’t worry too much seeing as the RH is 40%. You could always lower one of the circulating fans to blow under the canopy this way you’ll have above and below the canopy covered. Well done on your first grow :love_you_gesture: