4 week check in - need to add?

I made it past the 4 week mark by a couple days. She’s planted in Happy Monkey, and has been outdoors on the deck day and night for the last 4 days. I assume she’s in/starting the vegetative state. I plan on doing some reading tonight, but appreciate any quick tips so I don’t make (too many) silly mistakes over the next 4-5 weeks. Thanks, this community has been cool!!


You are 8 or more weeks away.
Also, im not an outdoor grower but the distance between nodes suggests not enough light.


In the future try watering further away from center of plant. The red area in photo is a no water zone. The roots in this area of the pot are meant for air. Watering in an ever widening ring (green zone) will help stretch out the roots, bigger roots=bigger fruits, so they say.


Thanks, great advice with the water. For the nodes - my guess is not enough good light early on (cheap Grow bulb). Now I have her in the sunniest part of my yard full time. Is there anything else I can do as far as the nodes or just roll from here? Thanks!!

The space between that first and second node is a ton, I know. She’s out in direct sun now as much as there is sun (and there been a lot lately!).

Distance between the next 2 nodes seems more reasonable. Anything I can/should do?

Growing outdoors on my deck.

Just started adding 1/2 recommended Fox Farm nutrients. Planted in happy Frog soil….about 4.5 weeks old.


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No…its really about stability from my experience. Forcing the roots out will help as she bulks up. As the weight packs on, the roots can hold into dear life.

I do break all growing rules.

Why I say stability? Look at my oldest grow journal. I grew 8 foot monsters in a 5 gallon bucket and I did not have it half filled. To bad my old phone is busted. It has all my photos as proof.


Green and healthy, agree on the node spacing. She’ll start filling out in the natural sun :love_you_gesture:

:point_up_2: 14 days after they break ground begins the veg period.

:point_up_2: was that meant to be Happy Frog?

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Nice explanation on that Brother :love_you_gesture:


Watering to run off each time? About time to check the PPMS on the Happy Frog to see when nutrients are needed. Overall looking good Growmie :love_you_gesture:

Thanks! Hahah yeah, Happy Frog. I searched it online like that a few times too, was confused why I wasn’t getting results….

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I’m not (watering to run off) - should I be? I give a good soaking every other day, now focusing on the outside area of the pot….

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Run off every time Growmie. Shoot for about 20% running out the bottom of what you’re putting in. Let about a cup run out and catch a cup to test the PPMS and PH. I would assume the Happy Frog’s preloaded nutrients are depleting. I’m around 900-1000 in veg and 1000-1100 in flower and shoot for the sweet spot of 6.5 on the PH :love_you_gesture:


Checking in on my one and only girl - 6 weeks. Any thoughts? Just started Fox farm trio, maybe 2 feet tall now. Spacing seeming better, though I know it was pretty stretched to start. Just looking for any feedback.


Nice and healthy looking :love_you_gesture:

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Update us on this lady pls? Sorry I lost track of this thread. If you ever wann grab my attn just type @Docnraq then the board will alert me.

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Hey thanks for asking!! Check her out! 8.5 weeks…


What to you think @Docnraq? Still a newb for sure. It glad she’s gotten this far!!

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Looks healthy to me! Taller too! Good work my friend. She looks like she is about to explode!
Everybody is a newb once!
Keep it up!


Every time I see this plant it reminds me of a tomato plant :joy: . I don’t mean that in an offensive way it just reminds me of a meme I got :see_no_evil: other then that it looks good! I will post the meme below hopefully you guys can get a laugh out of it like me!


Hahaha no offense taken - love it. I know right, I’ll probably grow an 8 foot plant and celebrate and forget I was hoping for flower haha