4 air stones in a 5 gal too much?

Got my bubbler pump set to the midhigh range for the smallest bubbles possible. Agua 4line with 2 tall and 2 short air stones ran from top like North South East West. Black hoes with all 4 bubbling at the bottom. I’m working on learning the best water level I know I definitely over watered the first 2 weeks. Alot of roots in my net then at bottom. Now running water at center of mesh with a bucket change every Sunday. Accepting all notes advise good and bad


The airstones wont hurt it, but once it gets big the roots will completly encase them so 1 or 2 is good. Really what your doing is adding oxygen to the water to make it harder for things that like C02 in the water to not grow well “bad bacteria” No amount of air stones willcsupply enough air to the plant. Water level is the important factor for plant getting air.

Water Level -

Seedlings - about 4 weeks from breaking ground. 1" under with airstone so the little bubbles keep the net pot moist, once roots get into the solution you want to start lowering it.

The bigger the plant, the more air it needs, so end game should be about 1/3 bucket volume water, 2/3 air. Slowly lower it over time as plant gets bigger.