3 leaf Blueberry auto leaf question

I am growing outside in midwest U.S.A. and I am using FF ocean forest. My girl is only a 3 leaf instead of 5-7 leaves. The seeds are Blueberry auto from Robert and was wondering why 3 leaves, I trust what this forum submits and have gotten many reasons for this issue, from other sites, but will believe you guys more. I accidentally used Roberts growtime plant food, but just once, then back to Flowertime. Could that be my issue? Thanks for your future input.

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They start with the tiny feeder rounded leaves, single, triple, 5 point leaves and so on. I’ve had them with 13 fingers. How big is plant? Is it only on second set of leaves. Got pictures?


Not all that uncommon to have different amount of leaf blades either.

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Thanks, no pics available