2nd grow all ILGM seeds or clones

This is my 2nd grow adventure with ILGM genetics. Gold leaf feminized, train wreck fem, blueberry auto, amnesia haze auto, northern lights auto, sour diesel monstercropped clones, and strawberry kush monster cropped clones. The plants from seed are about 3 to 4 weeks old and just getting water only at 6.2. The clones are about 6 weeks and getting around 1,000 ppm G H Flora trio at 6.2. growing in soil I made myself from a Jorge Cervantes recipe that I tweaked for high nitrogen and phosphorus.

Last grow I lollipoped the plants before I joined ILGM. I will not do that again.


@OldSkunk what’s the grow medium?
Glad to see you’re starting a grow journal!

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How big are your monster crop clones @OldSkunk? I have two that are about 4-6 inches tall. I’m watching them closely, and they already are so filled with pre flowers, I’m nervous to see what it will do when I flip the lights!


Wow! Those are gorgeous!!! well done

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Super soil created from a Jorge Cervantes recipe with a few things added. I’ll go back and edit my original post

The biggest one is the sour diesel. I may have to top them to keep them from getting too tall. The plant that it came from was 6 feet and I just took it today


That really is a beautiful looking girl. Can’t wait for mine to get that big. So many flowers!! @OldSkunk


How do I continue my thread without replying to another’s comment? For example, each day I need to tell what I’m doing during the grow like nutrients water …

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Wow those look Great. I was wondering what happened when you lolipoped your last grow? Did you lose yield.my Very first grow I took off to many fan leaves,let me tell you it wasn’t a pretty picture at all luckily it was just bag seed.Now I’m more cautious but I love to experiment and play with the plants.What kind of lighting do you use?

@OldSkunk Just drop to the bottom of the thread (below the last post) and click blue REPLY as opposed to clicking REPLY under an individual post.

Same as you, LEDs. I have 2 600w LEDs (actual 300 watts each). I was reading your thread and how big is your tent?
I didn’t know any better and listened to YouTubers talking about lollipopping and got great tops, but could have had so much more.

That’s what I’ve been doing. I thought maybe it is like a journal for a phone where you don’t have to reply to someone to keep it going.

Sorry about your last grow.The thing is we learn best by mistakes not our success.I have a 32”x 32” tent not sure about height,I’m thing 60”” tall.Im running 3 Jack Herer mainling in 5gal bucket of soil.well a little over 5gal felt the need to transplant before going to flower.


@OldSkunk I hope you don’t mind me putting pics up in your thread.About The could of had more, Two of my plants have just the mainline tops 8 colas but on the last one I let other branches grow so many more colas just not the ones mainlined. I wanted to see if there was a difference in yield, not clones so not perfect.

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Don’t mind at all

Which should I clone? The tops or the lower nodes?

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Clone from the bottom @OldSkunk they tend to root better if taken lower on the mother plant :+1:
Not saying you can’t clone from top just that success rate is higher if taken lower :+1:
:v:CB :cowboy_hat_face:

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I haven’t touched her since I cloned her. Should I top now or wait until 1st week of flower like I did with her?

This SK clone and it’s sister look like they’re stretching me, so I moved them into the flowering room with their mothers. I hope that stops them from doing that. There’s 750 watts in there. I’ll just have to move them back to 300 watts for 4 hours.

I would top her before flower for sure
It’s not really advised to top in flower bro
Not saying you can’t just not the best time
Especially after the streach and transition weeks

I did it last time right before 12/12. Unless I misunderstood, that’s what I read to do on another forum before I joined this one.