2nd DWC Grow of Blueberry

using a 12 gallon tote bin for my 2nd grow, took it down from 6 plants to 2, going to try Scrog this time. have some flexible underground drainage tubing set under the netted pots, holes drilled in them for water flow. have an air stone in each tube and one out by the water pump. did this to keep the roots from getting sucked in to the pump, like happened last time. 6 inch basket around the pump in case any do creep out. drip lines pulled in to the pots to drip on rockwool cube/roots.
5 gallons of water with Jungle Juice nutrients
1 1/4 tsp Bloom
Almost 1 tsp Grow
1 tsp Hyrdoguard
1 tsp voodoo Juice
this is slightly less than i was using for my 1st DWC, because those all nutrient shock, will see if this has better results.

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This would be a better choice:


You don’t want to constrain the roots like that. Happy plants will fill that entire volume with roots which helps greatly in flower.

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oh sweet! thank you!