24 hour light schedule for marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

just wondering if it is ok to keep feminized white widow on a 24 hour light schedule during veg?? are they light sensitive? will they tend to hermie or have any negative growth at all with no dark cycle?

Most people believe you should give the plant at least 4 hours uninterrupted darkness to rest, but many people do use 24hr light with no ill effects. I would say give it 4-6 hrs of darkness depending on the strain or preference. And as an added benefit you save a little on the electric bill.

I must chime in here and note that if using LED lighting, electricity $ is so negligible that it doesn’t need to be a factor in the equation. I have been struggling with the fact that Ruderalis gene containing strains don’t necessarily need a dark period. After a bit of reading, however, it occurs to me that, at least for the Russian Siberian branch of that family, they very well might get nearly 24 hours a day light, as they are on an equal latitude with Alaska. This is on my rather long list of things to experiment with as soon as I have a good handle on a couple of Robert’s Auto strains. Breeder’s, understandably so, are reticent to say precisely the geographical region that the R. they use to breed with came from. Of course, they can’t be sure of this data point unless they personally retrieved them from the wild. I am struggling with accepting the fact that they might not need a ‘rest’ period, as this seems so terribly intuitive when one (as one should) reflects on recreating the same conditions inside that mimics the environment the plant grew in when it’s gene’s were evolving.
I have been intensely reading-up for about a month now, several hours a day, because I have be gone so long, and things (i.e. technology) has changed so very much. I laugh every day because grower A states one thing utterly unequivocally, and grower Z precisely the opposite. I always go with the guy who states a scientific basis for their beliefs. In the end, what works for you, works for you. Experiment, experiment, experiment I say.

Yes Jodie, I have mentioned many of the points you brought up in another thread. Even in Sativa dominant and other non-autoflower regular strains I have never noticed any problems running 24 hours of light from germination and all through veg. And yes when germination and or veg are done under very efficient CFL or LED, then it becomes less about the power usage and more about what fits that growers style.

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