20 plants vs. 105+ fahrenheit temps

I planted ILGM Super mix that’s a Girl Scout Cookie plant I have 3 of those 4 Gorilla Glue plants and 5 Bruce Banner plants, it’s been dry as Hell here and Hot ! Having to water every couple of days except today it rained last night :cloud_with_lightning:


I use ladybugs, in a greenhouse.


I second the ladybugs you can buy them off Amazon 1500 for $12 I buy a few batches every year. Most leave when theres no bugs left to eat some starve and die off and a few stay all the way through harvest. The greenhouse is only gonna support a few once the bugs are gone. Too bad they don’t eat caterpillars.


I found a wasp nest by the front porch. They have been there for a few months. Decided to go ham on these spider mites and put the two wasps nest in Two separate jars. Put the jars inside the greenhouse. I have some companion plants so they feed off nectar from borage and the mites. Probably why they haven’t stung me. If they get close I stand my ground and blow them away with my mouth.

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I added a bug zapper to my tent years ago. No more bugs for me.