2 weeks to flip!

just fed today with 7-4-10 Flora Grow about 3/4 gal water each (800ppm 6.5ph) in Tupar soil, 5gal pots (feeding the same every 3 days or so). As I get ready to flower in maybe 2 weeks (they are a little over 3 weeks above dirt), do I just keep doing what I am doing then flip the 12/12? Local guy is out of flower nutes so no biggie today but want to get what I need ready in case I have to order in. Do you start the flower nutes prior to the flip or after? if so, how much before the flip? do you water to run off, flush, before the bloom nutes? like a week before?


I generally start flower nutrients a couple of weeks after flipping the light schedule. The plants will need the nitrogen and what not during the transition.


Here’s the GH feed schedule.


@AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie @merlin44 Thanks! Forgot to add I’m using cal mag as well so just need to get the blooming stuff Stick with GH or is there something “better?”

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I don’t know about better, but Jacks 3-2-1 certainly seems simpler and works great. It’s also ridiculously cheap considering how much a small kit makes. I grow in ProMix, so I start feeding as soon as I start watering. Everyone gets full strength from sprout to finish and they seem to love it.


Looks interesting for sure; local shop doesn’t keep it so that’s why I went with the GH line, local support along with this site has worked so far! But dang adding up the “expert program” on the flora nova chart adds up quick! Will prob stick with the simple program for this crop…first time indoors with soil in a long long time and love supporting my local store whenever possible. Maybe jacks next time!

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I start flower nutrients a week or so before flipping. I want it on board when they start flowering. Advanced nutrients iguana juice bloom has more nitrogen in it than grow.

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I’m sure there’s better out there but I’d stay with the GH for the bloom.
Makes for easier mixing if your using the same chart. :wink:

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As a fellow old guy, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do to keep it easy on me! Thanks!

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